Premier League : Major talking points and predictions ahead of Gameweek 12

The famous Manchester derby will be a major attraction this weekend in English football.

Premier League Facebook Page Current Profile Picture, source: Facebook.
Premier League Facebook Page Current Profile Picture, source: Facebook.

More of a Jose Mourinho vs Pep Guardiola in the Manchester vs Manchester game, while Huddersfield and Newcastle look to get the better of some after breaking their deadlock.

Manchester City has been more than just an attacking side in the past couple of years, as Guardiola overhauled the squad and it didn’t disappoint in the long run Manchester City that he has built. In the buildup though, or the short-term haul, City has scored six goals each in their last two games. Each in the past two is a frightening scene when you’ll find that they could’ve scored more.

On the contrary, Manchester United had their ups and downs and the curve keeps on zooming as it increasingly becomes Analysts to determine what is next for United. They ended the undefeated run of the Italian champions at Turin this week after making a come back win against Bournemouth. It might sound more like a United way of winning their games, but it ain’t. The only hope that Jose Mourinho sees going into this Manchester Derby is the unpredictability that his squad has produced over the past month. Perhaps some deadlier tactics to follow.

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Newcastle, we repeat, Benitez finally broke his duck after a hard-earned victory against Watford. It was not one of that orchestral beauty, although it was a done deal, and thanks to the best in the business in shaping up defences. Another top of the world performance and they could rise another four places in the League table, only this time against a Bournemouth side who after starting the game brilliantly gave away everything and Eddie Howe will be hoping it doesn’t repeat this time. This could be an immense game of defence vs attack, as mind games will be another thing for this encounter.

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Liverpool was pathetic this week when they lost to Red Star Belgrade and it was not just about performance or luck, it was overall miserable. This was arguably Liverpool’s worst game this season featuring a rare sight of not scoring at least one goal. Shaqiri will be back against Fulham after he was left off due to security reasons, it should still be a comfortable game for the Reds as the Londerers are in dire need of luck and quality. This summer everyone applauded the signings of Seri, Schurrle and the rest after some excellent off-field work by the team, but they are failing miserably after loosing again against Huddersfield who broke their duck finally along with Newcastle to pick up where they left last season.

In front of a half-full stadium, Spurs entertained against a PSV side with no pressure on their shoulders and a raucous pocket of support behind them. At moments it felt like a neutral stadium and thus the helpless nature. Harry Kane made himself known again after steering a comeback which might help them qualify and thus will be instrumental in their field for the push in the League. Crystal Palace rendered not far away, it won’t be a surprise if some of the Crystal Palace slots in at the Home turf and cheers for the away side and make it painful for Pochetinno’s men. Harry Kane can finish everything these days, only if he could help finish their stadium on time.

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Having finally won the first game of this season Huddersfield will look to capitalize on that and make it two on two as the Hammers won’t be a big threat if stats are to be followed. West Ham’s away form has been miserable since the start of the season and it will be a big ask to win a game against a side who will give everything to at least get a point. This is not the West Ham we thought it might a few months back, but sadly it has been. Manuel Pellegrini’s side look to have more than enough about them to stay up, momentum is everything for struggling sides and the outcome of this contest could have a huge bearing on the survival of the weaker or the challenging. Only the outcome will speak about it.

Predicted Scoreline for Premier League Gameweek 12:

Cardiff City 1-1 Brighton

Southampton 0-0 Watford

Leicester 2-1 Burnley

Huddersfield 1-1 West Ham

Newcastle 2-2 Bournemouth

Crystal Palace 1-1 Tottenham Hotspur

Liverpool 4-0 Fulham

Chelsea 3-1 Everton

Manchester City 3-1 Manchester United

Arsenal 4-2 Wolves

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