Arsenal vs Liverpool – A poet’s paradise

Liverpool will be like a wolf pack waiting to pounce on Arsenal's lapses, while, the Gunners' phenomenal run of form gives them an advantage.


Football is more than just a game of tactics and technique, it’s more of the ethos that has been affecting lifestyles of millions of people round the globe.

From aggressive pressing to scintillating passing, diverse and divine to our soul just like a poet’s sweet silver song. The pitch is to be the scenic beauty that the creator idolizes and puts them into words of literary pleasure. If footballing pleasure was a viewer’s priority, Arsenal vs Liverpool has to top their charts. While most people would call it as a game between two attacking sides, it’s not just about the attack, it’s about the North London flair taking on Merseyside masterclass.

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It’s not often that someone would describe two potential title contenders with superlative adjectives of the same degree but it would be criminal if it isn’t done that way. Arsenal have rightfully earned their way back into the top 4, a spot that has been illusive in their case for the past couple of years. Sumptuous display against Leicester could probably be the finest example of the Emery-ball style of football. But what seems to be a surprising observation is that Arsenal of now has replicated Liverpool from a couple of years back. They are like a hot knife running through butter, personifying grace through poetry in motion. Running riots in the opposition defense through their silky smooth one touch passing they are a joy to watch on their day. But there are certain gloomy days where warlocks dressed in Arsenal colors fail to cast their spells and that’s where the woes of the defense are exposed leading to mistakes that have cost the team vital points away at Selhurst Park. Arsenal do not go into this game as firm favourites considering their defensive lapses but their phenomenal run of form certainly gives them an upper hand in the tie at the Emirates stadium.

Liverpool on the other hand are an example of first hand footballing transition. “From doubters to believers “ is what the Kop sang on the arrival of a manager who bears an aura that is enchanting in it’s self. From Europa League runners up to Champions League runners up the difference is massive, this difference is not only in terms of progress or the quality of players but in style of play as well. The heavy metal brand of football has brought in appreciation from rivals as well, ruthless in pressing, Liverpool look more like a wolf pack on the hunt that waits for the opponent to commit a mistake and that’s were they hurt the rivals.

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While was a section that was under constant scrutiny, centre back pairing of Virgil Van Dijk and Joe Gomez have stepped up big time to deliver the goods, a team that could was always brilliant going forward has completely transformed into a total footballing unit after strengthening of the defense.

While Mo Salah and Pierre Emerick Aubameyang would be topping the talking points charts this game is going to be one that won’t disappoint. It is fire versus fire where none of the two sides would back off, one that brings out the hellfire prevails in this top of the table clash.

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