Breaking: Manchester United to face harsh action from UEFA?

Frest trouble awaiting for Manchester United after failing to meet UEFA regulations.


Manchester United are on the brink of facing fresh sanctions from UEFA due to a late arrival once again at Old Trafford and three people invading the pitch during their Champions League clash against Juventus.

Just a week ago, the club was fined 15000 euros, as they arrived late for their game in early October against Valencia at Old Trafford.

According to UEFA regulations, each team in the competition must arrive at the stadium at least 75 minutes before the official kick-off time. Juventus turned up 65 minutes before the game this Tuesday, while United showed up at 7:10 pm, which is just 50 minutes before the scheduled kick-off time. Paolo Dybala helped Juventus win the match 1-0 with his brilliant finish in the 17th minute.

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Meanwhile, on the pitch invasion incident, the Greater Manchester Police reportedly confirmed that a man was arrested on suspicion and was held overnight for questioning. In the first half of the UCL Group H clash between Man United and Juventus, a fan ran across the pitch, followed by two more people doing the same after the full-time whistle.
Despite one of the pitch invaders after the full-time whistle was being restrained by the stewards both successfully managed to get a selfie with former Man United forward Cristiano Ronaldo.

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After arriving late for the second consecutive Champions League home game, Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho chose to get off the bus and walk the remaining part of the journey to Old Trafford. Here is what he told in an interview with BT Sport:

“We changed hotel. The hotel is just around the corner. The players are on the bus for 45 minutes.
“I walked, with a hoodie, in the middle of the fans. Nobody recognized me. I took two minutes, and what I did in two minutes walking the players cannot do in 45 minutes on the bus.
“Juventus is having the same kind of problem. I informed the UEFA delegate about the situation because we don’t want to be punished again.”

In order to estimate the strictness of the upcoming sanction from UEFA, we can look back to December 2014, when Tottenham were handed a fine of 15,000 euros against Partizan Belgrade in the Europa League, as three people invaded the pitch.