Doing it the Arsenal way – Off white board tactics, flair and finesse

Under new boss Unai Emery, Arsenal have found their touch from the past.


Sometimes we wish we had a time machine to roll back our childhood days from where we pledged our loyalties to the respective clubs we support these days. Roll back time to those golden days when the red and white of Arsenal would be accompanied by O2 as their sponsors on the shirt and a group of breath taking players who would create poetry in motion on the field.

However, with time the North London giants have seen the breath taking magic and individual artistry fade away, entering a rough patch that finally led to the departure of the omnipresent professor – Arsene Wenger.

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While most of the Gunners faithful would’ve felt doomed after the departure of Arsene Wenger, it has been all sunshine for the Gunners since Unai Emery took charge. The North London outfit have recently enjoyed a 9 game winning streak and that has got the Arsenal faithful dreaming again.

In all the fun and frolic that persists over the Emirates two men who have been behind these scenes of joy are Pierre Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette. Going into the early part of the current calendar year, Arsenal had to bow out of the Europa league following defeat at the hands of eventual Champions Atletico Madrid. One talking point that came up time and again following the defeat is “Could Lacazette have done a bit more with Aubameyang by his side ?” Answer to this question has been loud and clear, the Gunners have scored 17 goals in the last 5 games and scenes were no different when they payed a visit to Craven cottage. The duo bagged a brace each and Aubameyang turned provider to Ramsey’s state of the art finish that capped off a perfect team move. It seemed as if the Arsenal from the O2 days were back and running riot all over the pitch.

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When you compare Arsenal from it’s invincible days, you not only compare individuals but also their commitment to making the team operate at the highest level. While the current team is still a project under construction Aubameyang, Lacazette and Mikhitariyan certainly form a trio that could replicate the deadly madness of Pires, Bergkamp and Henry.

While the latter would look like an exotic Italian lunch that reserved for a Sunday afternoon, the red and white faithful from North London look more than content with their scrambled eggs and bread toast for breakfast. By that analogy, we mean the formidable trio of Mikhitariyan, Aubameyang and Lacazette who have been more than decent in the recent outings for the Gunners. Like the regular eggs and bread for breakfast they’ve been Arsenal’s go-to-men whenever the team has been in caught in discomfort. Call them Wenger’s farewell gift to his beloved Arsenal or blessings in disguise, the three made it into the Arsenal system in a phase of turmoil and have quickly become the talk of the town.

A strong return to the UEFA Champions League has to be the first thing on the “to do” list of things for Unai Emery and his newfound Arsenal but the main concern is still their shaky and leaky defense that has been been caught cold several times while playing out from the back. While firepower was and always will be the strength of Arsenal, the ability to secure a top 4 finish considering the competition faced from Manchester United and old local rivals Tottenham Hotspurs would be the test of character for Emery’s new found Arsenal.