Premier League : Major talking points and Predictions ahead of Gameweek 5

Premier League Facebook Page Current Profile Picture, source: Facebook.
Premier League Facebook Page Current Profile Picture, source: Facebook.

Can a Watford win this weekend against Manchester United be labeled as an upset? While Son is back to challenge for a place in the starting eleven. Let’s look at the talking points of this weekend of Premier League football.

This is the Premier League’s pressing era, and it’s Pochettino and Klopp, who arrived in the Premier League and immediately demanded that their sides committed to the press. Ironically Klopp’s first game was against Spurs and it was a boring day on both houses. Since then, both teams have garnered passion along as their results pointing north. Pochettino still with a thinner budget made Spurs look like a top-3 side. Well, the difference in the game that we can expect this time is a bit more of open space and a lot of goal scoring opportunities. Btw, Son is back, and that means competition for a starting berth with the Player of the Month of August, Lucas Moura.

Surprisingly Javi Garcia has picked the same starting line up in his first four games in the Premier League and all giving him 100% points. Garcia is on a dream and a home win against Manchester United can make the fans crazier than ever and make them a top-4 contender in reality. Although it’s a long long season for them, it’s hard to neglect the fact how they have been playing over the past few weeks. on the contrary, the United dugout will be a bit collapsed after a faltering start to the season and with ongoing tensions surrounding the relationship between the players and Mourinho, it will be hard to label a United loss as an upset after this game if they do.

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After opting for defensive work, Benitez now has to work on his attacking flair to grind out results. A home win can give a big kickstart to their campaign, but another loss can make their season worse with the fans now definitely starting to ask questions. All the same, there seems little need for Newcastle to remain in defensive mode when they host Arsenal on Saturday. Emery having another opportunity to work with his attack and finding a Plan-B with both of his star strikers set to start the game.

Before the start of the season, West Ham were looking like a team for the future, with potential surrounding most the players being recruited, along with a Premier League winning manager. Fast forward one month, they have lost all their games and they don’t look like a team who can beat anyone at the moment. An away trip to Everton, their least favorite ground in terms of the result is the worst scenario that can happen to the club. But one know one thing for sure, this could be the game of Pellegrini. A win and a season to remember if a miracle happens, but a loss, they will be gone and dusted.

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Predicted Scoreline for Premier League Gameweek 4:

Tottenham 1-2 Liverpool

Manchester City 3-1 Fulham

Bournemouth 2-2 Leicester City

Newcastle 0-0 Arsenal

Huddersfield 1-1 Crystal Palace

Chelsea 4-0 Cardiff City

Watford 1-1 Manchester United

Wolves 1-1 Burnley

Everton 2-0 West Ham

Southampton 1-0 Brighton

Will this be Pellegrini’s last game as a West Ham manager? Comment below.