“They thought football was a waste of time and I’d never succeed”, Sadio Mane reveals stunning fact

Liverpool star Sadio Mane has been in blistering form this season.


Liverpool FC frontman and Senegal National Team captain, Sadio Mane is currently considered as one of the most feared strikers to have graced the beautiful game.

However, according to the recent claims made by the Liverpool forward, Mane was apparently told not to pursue a career in Football by his parents, who initially thought that it was a “waste of time” until he had signed his very first contract.

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Mane, who is currently playing a major role in Liverpool FC’s Premier League title aspiration for this season, recently spoke with Bleacher Report and revealed that his parents never actually wanted him to be a Footballer and instead urged him to be a teacher.

“I was born in a village where there had never been a footballer who’d made it in the major championships. I remember that when I was little, my parents felt that I should study to become a teacher. They thought football was a waste of time and I’d never succeed at it. I always said: ‘This is the only job that will enable me to help you. And I think I have a chance to become a footballer,'” Mane told Bleacher Report.

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According to Mane, his parents seemingly thought that pursuing a career in Football was certainly not the wisest choice for him, as he was brought up in a place which was a long way from the Senegalese capital. Therefore, Mane’s parents were initially against the decision till the day he eventually signed his first Professional Contract.

Sadio Mane made his first big move by joining Metz in 2011, before moving to Austrian club Red Bull Salzburg, where his performances caught the eye of Premier League club Southampton FC. The Senegalese star’s stint with The Saints subsequently earned him a contract at Liverpool FC, where he has already established one of the most feared attacks featuring himself, Roberto Firmino, and Mohamed Salah.

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