English Premier League: Five Players with The Worst Discipline Track Record

With a new season just starting we look at the players that could be potential troublemakers in Premier League this season.


The English Premier League (EPL) has thankfully moved on from the disciplinary nightmares of Richard Dunne, Roy Keane, and Vinnie Jones, who saw red more often than other players of their generation.

Yet player indiscipline is still rampant in the league. We discussed in an earlier post on Sports-Nova how a previous Premier League season saw 5 reds in a single match day. With a new season just starting we look at the players that could be potential troublemakers this year.

Nicolás Otamendi – Manchester City

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The former boxer turned center back was brought to the Premier League by Manchester City in 2015. In 29 league matches last season, Otamendi managed to rack up a total of 8 cautions. While he is yet to be shown a red in the EPL, he has manage to collect 27 cautions in a total of 94 appearances for City. The question many will be asking this season is whether he will be able to keep his red card record at zero.

Granit Xhaka – Arsenal

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The Swiss midfielder has been sent off nine times in the course of three years in European top-flight football. Dismissed 6 times while at German club Borussia Monchengladbach, his two straight reds in the EPL came in Arsenal’s games against Swansea in October 2016 and Burnley in January 2017. After the latter game Sky Sports reported that he was forced to serve a 4-game suspension.

Jonjo Shelvey – Newcastle United

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With a reputation for losing his cool, the hotheaded midfielder racked up 2 red cards last season. Jonjo Shelvey’s first red came just 48 minutes into the season, during the Magpies’ opening game against Tottenham Hotspur. At only 26, Shelvey has amassed a total of 28 yellows and 4 reds. While he still has plenty of time to add more to his impressive collection, many believe he is cooling down with age.

Younes Kaboul – Watford

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With various spells at four EPL clubs in the span of a decade, the 32-year-old French international defender has an impressive rap sheet. In 197 appearances in the EPL, he has received 21 cautions and 6 red cards. While not the worst in EPL history, it’s interesting to note that Kaboul was sent off more regularly than any other player, with the least minutes played between each expulsion. Even Vinnie Jones and Roy Keane seem like angels in comparison.

Oriol Romeu – Southampton

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Since his move from Chelsea three years ago, Romeu was quick to get into the books when he was cautioned four times in his first six EPL outings with the Saints. Throughout his total of 121 EPL appearances he has been booked 32 times from a total of 165 committed fouls. Romeu received 11 yellows in Southampton’s previous EPL campaign. This gave him the “honor” of being put in the top 10 list of the worst disciplined players in Europe’s top 5 leagues last season.

Written by Acelyn Jade exclusive for sports-nova.com

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