From the side lines – An alternative insider to the effects of Jurgen Klopp

Liverpool have started the Premier League season with a thumping win over West Ham.


Jurgen Klopp has been a charismatic coach in Liverpool. With attractive football and an amicable personality, he has already won the hearts of the fans and here, we take a look at why the German is very special for his team.

Football has always been more than just scoring goals. It is a science that is more delicate than the complex projections on the Argand plane. A science that brings equations alive on grass, football stands to be the most scientific version of sport that has ever been created. And the people who bring out the beauty of the mathematical equations on grass have statures bigger than any scientist who has made a path breaking invention.

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However, the footballing scientists have different name for themselves, they do not really jot down the equations but bring alive the tactical brilliance on grass and that is what makes them managers. But there is more than just winning games and trophies that makes them great, some are known for their loyalty for the club and some for the transformation they have brought in. An exception that stands by among all of the above types is Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp.

The “normal one” as he likes to call himself, Klopp has brought in revolutions in both Borussia Dortmund and Liverpool. From picking up the teams from rock bottom to putting together a squad that could defy odds to reach the pinnacle, Klopp has been a revolutionary among the main stream managers.

With an offer list as boastful as possible, Klopp chose Liverpool over other clubs and has had some fine showing with the club. From calling himself “The normal one” to walking in a bar full of Liverpool supporters and joining them in the songs, Klopp has been the manager that the Liverpool supporters always looked for. With his uncanny approach towards football, Klopp has his unconventional choices as far his interests goes. The German gaffer has keen interest in Gaelic football and Hurling, sports that are lesser known to the world. Alongside, Cricket also remains a venture that has got into the “To do” list of activities of Klopp though the man himself finds it difficult to keep a track of the scoreboard. It has been 3 years since Klopp has taken over Liverpool and this was the first time that the manager has met with owners of Fenway Sports Group, engaging into Baseball and other activities in between the preseason and transfers.

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As far as transfers are concerned, Liverpool have been at the top after investing big in the summer window. While most people would give credit to Klopp for luring in players, the man himself splits the credit among his fellow compatriots Michael Edwards and Mike Gordon, two pivotal figures who have been instrumental in the transfer deal this summer.

While trophies have eluded Klopp at Liverpool, the gaffer has been instrumental in bringing in individuals that make up a team of the highest quality. It may seem that the signings of Keita and Fabinho would lead to an end to veterans James Milner and Jordan Henderson but with Klopp, things seem to be the other way round as he looks to make their experience count. Henderson, who took over the armband from Steven Gerrard, has played multiple roles under Jurgen Klopp. Another man who adds to he list of veterans is James Milner, a player Klopp has always admired, James Milner’s versatility has only increased with his age. From playing as a winger to playing as a left back, Milner has been Klopp’s main man during crisis.

With a personality so vibrant, Klopp has won the hearts of Liverpool supporters since his arrival. The only thing that has eluded Klopp is a trophy and with the team that he has this season, the bookies have their money on the Merseyside Reds to make it big this season under the guidance of Jurgen Klopp and live up to the expectations of the Liverpool faithful.