Arsenal, Chelsea, City or Tottenham? – Arsenal legend analyzes the big teams’ chances this season

Arsenal and Chelsea have got new managers, but Jens Lehmann thinks they have very good chances.


A part of the historic invincible squad of Arsenal, Jens Lehmann thinks that the new Arsenal squad are capable of winning the coveted Premier League title this season.

In an interview with Bild, the former Gunner weighed the chances of the big teams in the upcoming season. Lehmann was asked about a lot of topics related to the Premier League and the favourites in this campaign.

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To begin with, he was asked if Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City are going to build a dynasty in the British top tier, like the way Bayern Munich did in Germany. The Arsenal legend took no time to reject that option. He said, “The quality gap is not as big as in the Bundesliga.”

Further, he discussed Chelsea and Liverpool’s chances as well. Lehmann commented, “I see a lot of potential at Chelsea, who have a new manager in Maurizio Sarri. Usually, Chelsea have a successful first year under a new sporting leadership. I expect them back in the title. Liverpool, just like Tottenham, must win something someday.

And then, while talking about his ex-club, the invincibles’ goalkeeper said, “Arsenal also have a new manager and must win the trophy with Unai Emery.

“If it’s not their goal to win the league, why all the changes in the club? The Arsenal squad is not worse than those of the other teams.”

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It got interesting when Jens had to comment on the chances of Tottenham. “Having played for Arsenal, you don’t really like the local rival Tottenham that much,” Lehmann said. “Regardless, I must admit: They remind me a bit of the ‘old’ Arsenal I played in.

“Many young and interesting players. But Spurs and [Harry] Kane must make use of the current momentum they have before it collapses one day. It appears they right now don’t know how to win trophies. But it’s must if you want to be a big side”, the man added.

Being a legendary goalkeeper, Lehmann was also asked to comment on Arsenal’s new goalkeeper Bernd Leno. He admitted that Leno is a good keeper, but he also asked an important question, “Can he show more than he did in the past? He must take more risks and continue his development. He does that – good. He fails to do so? Arsenal will look at a new keeper in one or two seasons.”

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Further, Lehmann had to share his thoughts on Alisson Becker, Liverpool’s new number one. The Reds signed him this summer on a record-breaking fee, and the former Arsenal goalkeeper was asked how much potential the Brazilian brings to the Liverpool side.

“Alisson is certainly a good man, but not a world-class keeper you’d expect for this price. He has not given any proof of it,” Lehmann was outright to analyze the custodian. “I see many keepers playing at his level. He’s 25 now and made 100 professional appearances so far, 50 of them coming for Roma last season.

“I am always interested to see whether those players can actually become world class. You must ask yourself why they only played 50 matches in six years as a pro.”

It would be interesting to see whether the Arsenal legend’s comments attract attention of the big coaches and spark a battle of words in near future.


Photo by Ronnie Macdonald