Star among the red and white blues – The Liverpool target’s journey from prospect to powerhouse

Liverpool are interested in signing United States star Christian Pulisic.


Christian Pulisic is the next big name from the land of the United States of America. And now, Liverpool FC are interested in signing the talented youngster this summer.

Some real life stories are more like super hero movies. The hero would get struck by lightning one fine day and survive the calamity only to discover that he was destined to be blessed with power like no one else.

But, the real life stories come with a touch of reality, the part that remains untold is a tale of hard work that goes on for years before the lightning strikes. As far as these superhero movies go, they come with a supreme touch of dialogues that remain etched in our hearts. One such famous dialogue being “With great power comes great responsibility” and athletes are no strangers to the responsibilities they bear as representatives of their nation. People look up to them as heroes, the ones without their capes.

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While the likes of Michael Phelps, Serena Williams and Michael Jordan have put USA as a nation to reckon on the world map their still remains one sport where The United States hasn’t really made it’s mark on the biggest sport of all. Football as it is known to the whole world has a whole different set of rules here. However, soccer has found its feet on the football grounds of America and has had it’s fair share of achievements on the world stage. And achievements come with their fair share of inspiring stories that bring about a change in the footballing scenario of a nation this big.

While most of the kids of his neighbourhood found solace in baseball and basketball,young Christian Pulisic took to football or it can be said that football chose him. Born to parents who played football at college level, Pulisic seemed to have inherited football with prodigal skills since childhood and remained to be one of the top talents in U.S. soccer from his days at the U.S. soccer academy. Despite all this he still looked for his big break. For being the star of the future, Europe seemed to be the ideal destination to make it big where his heroes and idols from The United States have once made it big.

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While Pulisic made a fortune for himself with a move to Dortmund aged just 16 he still had to survive his fair share of heart breaks with his national side. As U.S.A. were shining bright in Brazil at the World Cup in 2014, Pulisic had his eyes set to replicate the glory come 2018. However,his dreams came crashing when U.S.A. missed out on a place in the 2018 edition of the World Cup. A career,that has been record-breaking already has seen the 19-year-old attacker attract attention from all over Europe.

However, a move that is much anticipated with the coming of age is a switch to the Merseyside. While Jurgen Klopp had been the admiral of Dortmund’s revival, the Liverpool gaffer has been an ardent admirer of the versatile attacker. A playing style that has been very unique, Pulisic is a modern day number 10 who is equally good with both of his feet, a quality that has always been regarded as precious. While Christian has been the talk of the town for soccer journalists in the U.S.A. regarding him as a prodigy, Pulisic continues to be grounded and all he wants is to spread the spirit of soccer through out America while he still continues his journey to accomplish his dream with the Yanks.

Watch some of the Christian Pulisic’s skills here:

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