Arsenal News : First interview – Sokratis reveals players who talked with him before joining the club

The 30 year old player has won 79 caps for Greece.


Arsenal’s new signing Sokratis spoke to club and in his very first interview the Greek defender has created many positive vibes among the Arsenal faithfuls.

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He gave an interview in the official Arsenal website and here is a transcript of what he said. In bolda re the topics on which he was questioned-

On joing the club:
I feel very good. It’s my first day here, everything is special. It’s a beautiful moment and I’m very happy that I will be here for the next years.

Memories of Arsenal:
Arsenal is one of the three biggest teams in the Premier League and one very big club. It has a lot of fans and a very big history. Like I said before, I’m very happy that for the next years I will be here to help the team.

Gunners players he admired:
A lot. Vieira, Henry, Pires also. It’s a lot of players. Every year, every two years, this team has a lot of players that write a big history here.

Speaking with Aubameyang and Mkhitaryan:
I spoke [to them] a lot times. They said to me the best things about this club, that it is one big family and of course they also called me not every day but a lot of times telling me to come here.

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Reunion with past teammates:
Yes it’s a little bit [strange] but it’s also very beautiful that I’ve come to one team but I also have two players who I was together with for a lot of years. I know them both very well and I’m very happy.

Playing style:
I’m a normal defender who likes to defend. I like that my team doesn’t [concede] goals and I like the zero in the defence of course. I will do everything to help achieve these goals.

Defending trait:
Yes, of course. Of course I agree. I think that a defender first has to defend, to protect the goal, and then after if he can help in front a little bit for the game, then it’s good. But first of all, he has to defend.

Leadership material:
Of course now I also have the experience. Whatever happens in the team, in the national team but also in my last club, I was there to help a lot of players, and also when they asked me [about things] on and off the pitch. When they asked me some things, I was there every time. I think this is leadership, but the leader has to be first on the pitch and last off it too.