Liverpool Fan’s Speak: Life is Not Always Fair, But We Should Never Stop Dreaming

Liverpool lost to Real Madrid mostly due to goalkeeping howlers, but their rise must not be ignored.


I am baffled to see so many football fans on my newsfeed who are only visible during UCL finals, World Cup, European Championship and Copa Ameria. They are mocking Loris Karius a lot. But it’s actually a great honor for a club like Liverpool.

U wonder why? Let me try to explain.

How many of them have heard of Karius before? NONE!

They now know he is some guy from Germany who reached a UCL Final with Liverpool where a squad comprises of players from mediocre and bottom-half Premier League sides along with a few big-club rejects.

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They now know the names of Robertson, Trent Alexander-Arnold, Wijnaldum and many more alongside well-famed Marcelo, Kroos, Modric etc. They will now go through their stories, their struggles, their dedication, and determination to achieve dreams despite limitations. It is indeed a huge honor for a club like Liverpool who don’t buy stars but make heroes.

I saw many rivals of us rooting for our defeat. That’s actually a huge achievement for a club of Liverpool’s stature – at the deepest core of their heart, they are bound to admire Jurgen Klopp for such excellence. They will throw billions to buy success, but will also envy our willpower, our upsurge and the madness of an entire fanbase who were still bouncing, dancing and singing songs even after the defeat, who are still backing Karius by making his picture as facebook DP.

Football is not meant to win trophies only. Else there won’t have been thousands of football clubs who are somehow maintaining their existence but dreaming big to attain success one day. I saw my brothers crying yesterday during the screening. I was lost, couldn’t console them despite being a veteran. Then I saw one of us, who is a rookie but leads a tough life and struggles each day to live, patting their back, cheering them up. I saw belief in his eyes, saw him daring to achieve big with hope in his heart which is more valuable than winning medals.

Thank you Karius and Co. for making Liverpool relevant again. Making people aware we still exist.

Last but not the least, I feel sorry for Mo Salah. Not because he could not continue yesterday but the Egyptian might miss the World Cup now in spite of making them qualify for this prestigious event single-handedly after 28 years. A man who leads by example to an entire nation which is already disturbed enough with corruption, drugs, war and what not. Still, the country is dreaming, the kids are being sent to play football,
drug and alcohol abuse decreased significantly since Salah appeared in an advertisement. Teenagers of Egypt now want to be Mo Salah, they want to see their hero in Russia who brought electricity to many villages, built up roads, hospitals, schools via persistent donation and charity works. Players like Ramos will win so many titles as they belong to a proper football-playing country with hundreds of quality footballers but the achievement of Mo Salah is simply unparalleled.

Football is not just a game, it’s a way of life. We are taught to be good human beings and be honest in life. The Salahs of football inspire us every single day where the success of Sergios does not even matter to many barring a few fans.

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Real Madrid were favorites, they won, congrats to them. I’m not going to say Liverpool have won heart, kidney, lungs etc, but one thing for sure, we will play finals again which a country like Egypt probably won’t – particularly if Salah does not play in the World Cup the people will be back to their disturbing life, won’t dare to dream again. There won’t be any messiah to show them the right path.