Analysis : Jose Mourinho’s strategies and personal relations affecting Manchester United

Manchester United failed to win any silverware this season.


Manchester United had the perfect opportunity to finish the season on a high but Jose Mourinho’s men failed to live up to the billing as they had to digest a bitter defeat at the hands of Chelsea in the FA Cup final.

On pen and paper, this Chelsea squad was nowhere near their best throughout the season and from United’s perspective, it should have been a cakewalk on the pitch. But Antonio Conte’s men managed to grind out a commendable win thanks to Eden Hazard who scored the only goal of the match from the spot.

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This was Mourinho’s second season into running and optimism was at its best as the Portuguese manager showed signs of positivity in his maiden stint at the Old Trafford. A team like Manchester United have a rich legacy and Mourinho had the pressure to uplift the spirit of the club but he somehow failed to read the pulse of the club.

The start was pretty enthusiastic as United were ruthlessly banging goals after goals. But as time went on Mourinho’s boring and ‘park the bus’ strategy earned flakes and he was criticised for his approach towards the game.

The style Mourinho used to demonstrate at his previous clubs had brought him success enormously but he needs to understand the game has changed a lot and time has come to add some new dimension in his game plan.

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Another thing is his relationship with the players. There has been a sheer criticism the way he handles his player. His no-nonsense approach has led him down big time this season. Mourinho criticised a number of players publicly which might have been the reason for their downfall.

Eric Bailly is regarded among the best young defenders in the European circuit but we have seen very little of him in the last few months. Bailly’s progress was marred by a number of injuries but he certainly deserves more chances at the club.

Further, Mourinho’s growing annoyance with Anthony Martial hasn’t gone unnoticed and the latest on the list is Marcus Rashford. The youngster started the FA Cup final upfront but failed to impress the gaffer as he had a quiet afternoon on the field. The gaffer was also reportedly miffed with Romelu Lukaku and Marouane Fellaini as the duo was not ready to start the penultimate game. Perhaps Mourinho should start adoring his player a little more. And then, things will be better for both parties.


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