‘We were the better team’, disappointed Manchester United star claims after FA Cup loss


Before last Saturday’s much anticipated FA Cup Final, Manchester United were the favourites to lift the trophy. But, things did not go as planned for Jose Mourinho.

Eden Hazard’s solitary goal in the match ensured that the Red Devils would have to be content with the second place in the domestic competition. It was really disheartening for the United fans, especially after going trophyless in all other tournaments. However, even after losing the title-defining match against Chelsea, talented midfielder Ander Herrera thinks that the Blues were not the better side that day.

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“I think we controlled the game. We played really well, we created a lot of problems and we were the better team,” Herrera expressed his discontent after the match.

“But in football, not always the better team wins the game, so I can congratulate them and hopefully we can come back next season.”

The Spaniard further voiced his opinion about the current status of the side. United finished second in the Premier League, gathering 81 points in the end. But, this tally was still 19 points short of champions Manchester City, and Herrera mentioned that as well.

“I think we are going to the right way,” he pointed out. “This season, we cannot take credit out from what Man City have done because they deserve to be champions and they have been almost perfect this season, or perfect.

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Albeit the Premier League giants have not won any title this season and have failed to keep up to their Premier League legacy, the midfielder still thinks that they are not doing so bad. He said that it is a good thing for them to be playing the finals, “This club is about trophies but first of all to win trophies you have to play finals and I think we are doing that.”

“I think we’ve done good,” the 28-year-old added. “Normally in a normal Premier League we should have been fighting for the title with the amount of points we had.

“But Man City did perfect, so the only thing we can do is try to do the same next season. Try to not make some mistakes that we made this season – some games that we should have won against teams that – with all my respect for team – we should win those games.

“As I told you, keep fighting for titles, keep coming to Wembley — hopefully — and that’s all we can do,” the Manchester United star finished on a very positive note.