Antonio Conte talks about his future after FA Cup victory against Manchester United

Eden Hazard scored the winner during Chelsea's FA Cup triumph over Manchester United.


Chelsea have finally something to celebrate this season, as they have won the FA Cup, defeating Manchester United in the final. However, even after the victory, the future of Antonio Conte at the club is unsure.

The Italian has talked about this issue after Chelsea lifting the FA Cup trophy on Saturday night. He thinks that the club management should know him well, now that he has spent two years at Stamford Bridge. He also emphasized that he cannot change his style, and the club should know that by all means.

“My way is always the same. Hard work and to build a strong mentality with my players. I can’t change. I can’t change. I’m this”, Conte said.

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The Chelsea boss further added, “I’m this and I think my past speaks very clear as a player and as a manager. You can [say] what you want, but I’m a serial winner. I showed this in England in a difficult moment for the club, after 10th place. I’ve showed this also today, because we found the right way to win this trophy.”

On the other hand, he did not fail to acknowledge the efforts of the players and the support of the fans. He said, “I’m very happy for the players, I’m very happy for our fans. At the same time I’m happy for the club. [They can make] the decision to change me, [but] in two seasons I brought two trophies for this club.”

“The fans and especially the players deserve this win, to win an important trophy in this season that for sure was very difficult for many reasons,” Conte noted. “I have predicted at the start of the season the difficulty of this season. Despite this we finished fifth and have won the FA Cup. We lost the semifinal against Arsenal in the other cup.”

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In addition, the Blues manager admitted that missing a Champions League spot is not good for a club like Chelsea. However, he pointed out, “We must be honest to say this. Me, the players. But at the same time I think you have to know the real situation, to understand if this group of players did their best this season, if our fifth place was the position that we deserved.

“I understand that the club can make a decision, a positive decision, a negative decision. I’m the first to understand. I’m the coach of a great, important club, in England and the world. It’s right that the club demands of me a lot.

“I think you have to understand if in this season we had the maximum or not. There is also this possibility with this group of players we did the maximum.

“I have great respect for my club. For sure we’ll make the best decision. I’m the first to accept every decision for the future. After these two seasons I will always love this colour, these fans, this club. Also if my future must be in a different way,” Antonio Conte spoke like a true sportsman in the end.