‘You just have to go all for it’, Cesc Fabregas requests teammates before the FA Cup final

Chelsea will face Manchester United in the FA Cup final on Saturday.


Chelsea players are having a torrid time at the moment. Following back to back disastrous performances in last two matches of the Premier League, the Blues failed to finish in the top four. However, coming Saturday, they will have a chance of redemption and get something positive out of the season, as they will face Manchester United in the FA Cup final. Their star midfielder, Cesc Fabregas has talked about this match ahead of the extravaganza and urged Chelsea players to bounce back at all cost.

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The Spaniard has been playing for big clubs for a long time now. Prior to Chelsea, he donned Arsenal and Barcelona jerseys and he knows how to hand pressure in such a big game. While talking about the Saturday fixture, Fabregas shared his thoughts on this.

“You have to feel the fire inside of you, the hunger you want to show on the pitch and this is something neither me or the coach can bring to the players”, he said.

“The fire – you have it or you don’t have it and on Saturday we have to make sure everyone is on top of their game.”

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Cesc Fabregas sounded confident that the team know what to do. It was the first day the Chelsea players started their training since the final matchday defeat to Newcastle United. Drawing comparison with that match, the midfielder said, “Obviously we need to play much better [than Newcastle game] but I’m 100 per cent sure we don’t even have to say that.”

He further added, “It’s a final, it’s a big game and I feel that normally in those games you shouldn’t have to motivate players to play football because we do what we love and we always have to do it 120 per cent.

“It’s a final against United, on a big stage at Wembley, the last game of the season, you just have to go all for it.”

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