‘Winning the FA Cup would be satisfactory, but not successful’, claims Phil Jones

Manchester United will face Chelsea in the FA Cup final on Saturday.


This Saturday, Manchester United will have a shot at their solitary silverware in an otherwise not-so-impressive season, as they will face Chelsea in the FA Cup final. Ahead of that extravaganza, the side’s reliable center-back Phil Jones has shared his thoughts and concerns.

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Jones has been around Old Trafford for more than six years now, and he definitely has gone through many exciting experiences here. While talking about tournament finals or big games, he revealed that he is now used to the pressure. However, it has not been the same all these years.

“When I was younger I used to get really nervous before games, so much so that you are almost throwing up,” the defender said. “Now I am used to it; I know what to expect. It is exciting – it’s not every day you get to play in an FA Cup final.”

Jones further revealed how he gets himself prepared for these fixtures, “I think about who I am up against, about every eventuality. Breakfast is optional but at 11 or 12 there will be a team meeting. We will probably be told who is playing about an hour or 90 minutes before the team is made public. Then it’s stretch, warm-up, showtime.”

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This FA Cup title, should they manage to win, will be United’s third trophy in two years. Last season, they were the champions in the FA Community Shield and the UEFA Europa League. On the other hand, the team finished second in the Premier League this season, their best result since the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson.

However, Jones does not think that it has been an immense successful campaign from the side. He in a way reiterated what David de Gea told earlier this week.

“Finishing second and winning the FA Cup would be satisfactory,” said Jones. “But I wouldn’t say successful. Success for Manchester United is winning the Premier League and another trophy, and having a good run in another cup competition.”

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The 26-year-old further added, “I really don’t think we’re far away. Manchester City have done ever so well this year. They have competed in every game and won matches where you are thinking they would draw.

“But in another season, we would have been challenging with 81 points. If we can win on Saturday it will allow us to go into next season feeling confident and ready for the battle,” Jones finished on a really positive note.