BREAKING : Former World Champion accused of doping; makes extraordinary claim on social media

Asbel Kiprop has been accused of using illegal substance.


Former 3-times World Champion and 2008 Olympic Champion Asbel Kiprop has been reportedly accused of testing positive for a banned substance.

In spite of his agent Federico Rosa claiming the news to be a rumour, senior athletic sources close to British tabloid The Daily Mail has reported that the man regarded as the greatest 1500m runner of the generation has indeed failed an out of competition test.

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This will serve as a huge blow for Kenyan Athletics as well as for the future of the sport as IAAF has been trying to build a clean image for the sport removing any athlete accused of doping.

The Kenyan superstar, however, denied such allegations. Kiprop said on Wednesday night: “I have read the reports linking me to doping. As an athlete, I have been at the forefront of the fight against doping in Kenya, a fight I strongly believe in and support.

“I would not want to ruin all what I have worked for since my first international race in 2007. I hope I can prove that I am a clean athlete in every way possible.”

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It is reported that Kiprop has been tested positive for EPO (Erythropoietin), the same substance (Kenya’s) Women’s Olympic Marathon Champion Jemima Sumgong tested positive for, and was subsequently banned for 4 years.

The Kenyan shot to fame when he won the 2008 Olympic gold in 1500m after the original winner was banned for doping. He later on went on to win 3 back to back world championships in 2011, 2013 and 2015.

An earlier news report circulated in Kenya which said that a high profile athlete who has dominated the world has been involved in a doping scandal. Neither the Anti-Doping Agency of Kenya (ADAK) nor Athletics Kenya (AK) confirmed anything on the whole matter.

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Kiprop however, has since made an extraordinary claim that he was attempted to be bribed by corrupt anti doping officials. He added that the officials extorted money from him.

The former Olympic Champion has claimed that his sample was tampered with before being examined. Kiprop commented on the matter: “I am told EPO is put into the body using injection,’ he said. ‘The last time I had an injection was in 2014 when I was given a yellow fever vaccination before travelling to the Bahamas.”

The Kenyan Policeman also added that he was offered to be an ambassador for anti-doping for IAAF if he forcefully admitted to the fact that he indeed took the EPO, which he reportedly, refused.

It is remained to be seen what is made of the whole situation in the coming days. It has been claimed thought that protocols were breached while testing the 3rd fastest 1500m runner of all time.

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