Jose Mourinho seeks ‘friendship’ with Arsene Wenger after his retirement

Arsene Wenger has announced that he will retire at the end of this season.


Arsenal icon Arsene Wenger has already decided to step down as the Gunners boss, and he will not be seen in the Arsenal dugout from the next season. And in that regard, Jose Mourinho, one of Wenger’s long-term rivals, has shared some interesting words in appreciation of the legendary coach of Premier League.

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Manchester United and Arsenal are going to face each other on Sunday. This will be the final encounter between Mourinho and Arsenal, and ahead of the extravaganza, the United gaffer has told that he has nothing but respect for the illustrious figure of Arsenal.

Jose and Arsene go way back in the British top tier. They have so far faced each other 18 times in all competitions. Wenger has come out victorious on only 2 occasions, while Mourinho, in charge of different clubs against the Frenchman, has won 9 games out of those 18. However, it’s not the stats that matter most. The rivalry has been more interesting off the field where, as usual, Mourinho has been vocal. Most famously, in 2014, the former Chelsea manager called Wenger a specialist in failure. But now, it seems that the Portuguese wants to bury the hatchet.

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While talking to Sky Sports News, current Manchester United boss commented on the relationship between the pair, “If he respects me even 50 per cent of what I respect him we can even be friends in the future. I have lots of respect for him.

“But the reality is that he was at Arsenal, he was the champion and I came to the country in 2004 and wanted to steal his title. That’s football.

“But in the end I respect him a lot, I tried to show that in the past couple of years there were no more problems at a different stage of my career with a different profile.”

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Mourinho further told that Wenger’s retirement will be a sad thing for English top flight. He said, “I feel sorry that after Sir Alex Ferguson – but it was obviously Sir Alex’s decision [to leave] – the next big one, the next iconic one is leaving the Premier League.”