Breaking: Arsenal legend doesn’t rule him out as next Gunners manager

Thierry Henry wants to take up a new challenge.


With Arsene Wenger departing at the end of the season, Arsenal are in search of a manager who will take the club to the next level and carry forward the Gunners after the legacy named Arsene Wenger.

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Adios Arsene

There has been already many names floating as the next Arsenal boss, and most of the names are with some big achievements at their kitty, but Arsenal legend Thierry Henry doesn’t rule himself out to be the next man at the helm.

He recently spoke to Sky Sports, “I’m not in or out! I’m nowhere.

“Like I said to you and I said it the other day and I will be clear with that, I said I will never back down from a challenge because that’s my life.

“I just hope the guy who’s going to go to Arsenal is going to have massive shoulders, because it is not an easy job coming after Arsene and he’s going to need time.”

He also said that he has his phone with him in case a call arrives from the club.

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Thierry Henry is an Arsenal legend and scored 228 goals

But lack of experience can go against the Frenchman as there will be demand of someone who has a much better managerial credentials, and the Arsenal legend has only the work experience of an assistant manager of Belgium.

But the former striker also had utmost respect for his once boss Arsene Wenger and only had good things to say about his compatriot.

He said, “I swear the only thing they used to say was ‘we like to watch you play because we know we are going to see a good game of football’, and that speaks volumes to the vision the man had and what he did to the club.”

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Henry with Arsene Wenger at his playing days 

“And, yes, people will tell me but the title there, the title this, but I think sometimes you can also judge a man on what he did for the club overall.”