Merci Arsene: Former and Current Arsenal players react to Wenger’s departure news

Arsene Wenger was loved and respected by his players.


Arsene Wenger is set to leave Arsenal at the end of the season, and with the news breaking out, several former and current Arsenal players have paid their tribute to the greatest ever Arsenal manager in the modern history of the club.

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The association of 22 years will be ending at the end of the season, but in his tenure the Gunners boss have discovered and produced many talents under his utmost care. All those players vividly were sad that the classy Frenchman has made a termination of his stay at the Arsenal helm.


Hector Bellerin:

Personally a very sad day. I am forever in debt to this man. The person who had faith in me and gave me a platform to progress. Thank you for all the memories and trophies boss.


Bacary Sagna:

This man just didn’t give me the opportunity to wear the Arsenal discover the premier league.. to learn and improve by his side.. BUT this man changed my life.. i would always be grateful for what he has done for me and my family .. especially when i was going through hard personal moments. Your words mean a lot to me and i wanna take time to remind everyone he has made Arsenal bigger no matter what people are thinking about today.. From the bottom of my heart, Thank you Coach 🙏🏾





Alex Song:

Arsène Wenger… What a man… What a mentor… I remember when I first came in the club, impressed, scared, and not even speaking proper English. He built confidence in me, made me believe in myself and pushed me as far as I possibly could. He’s always been a father figure to me and to so many young players throughout the years. I can’t thank him enough for his commitment at Arsenal. All hail Arsène Wenger! #arsenal #gunners4life#gunnersfamily




  1. you made me arsenal fans through your philosophy Thank you. He will be gone but will never be forgotten…one love @Arsene Wenger