UEFA Champions League : Who are the favorites to win this year’s trophy?

UEFA Champions League semifinals are knocking at the door.


Following the conclusion of a hectic quarter final stage two weeks ago, we are finally down to the final four teams in this year’s UEFA Champions League as we slowly approach the final of Europe’s elite club competition.

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The final four remaining teams in this year’s UEFA Champions League are all currently coming off huge wins in the last round and the current set of remaining teams in the tournament is certainly not something anyone would’ve predicted at the start of the season.

Well the aforementioned line might not be so accurate for Real Madrid CF and Bayern Munich, but it pretty sure is very precise for Liverpool FC and AS Roma, who much to everyone’s shock have made it to the semi final stages of the UEFA Champions League for the first time in years.

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That being said, let us now take an in-depth look at the favorites to win this year’s UEFA Champions League:

#4. AS Roma

At this point, we could pretty much agree with the fact that both Roma and Liverpool FC are very much on the same level, when it comes to being favorites about winning this year’s Champions League from this position.

However, as we’ve noted in the previous round, Roma did play on a rather defensive tone in both their matches against Barcelona, which could eventually turn out to be a huge factor when they face-off against Liverpool, given the fact that The Reds’ attack has been on a different level so far this season.

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#3. Liverpool FC

Jurgen Klopp’s men are by far the biggest underdogs from here onwards and it is somewhat safe to assume that at the beginning of this season, none of the major Football pundits would’ve given Liverpool a chance to even make it to the Champions League quarter finals, let alone the fact that The Reds’ have made it to the semis.

Liverpool, who will now face Italian giants AS Roma in the semi finals, will certainly look to bring their attacking style of play, which is being led by the versatile Mohammad Salah.

If Liverpool manage to make it to the final (which might be the likely chance right now I believe) then it’ll definitely be a huge shocker and as well as a major boost for English Football as well.

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#2. FC Bayern Munich

5-time winners Bayern Munich have been relatively quiet this season in the UEFA Champions League, given the fact that over the course of the past few years, The Bavarians have built a strong reputation of scoring goals in huge numbers during their matches.

Bayern, who have defeated the likes of Sevilla, PSG, and Besiktas in their way to the semis this season, will go head-to-head against a former adversary in the semis, with whom the Germans have a lot of history with, that is, Real Madrid.

In the past, we’ve already witnessed Real Madrid dominate over Bayern Munich after having scored 5 goals past The Bavarians a few years back and in a recent clash Los Blancos also destroyed Bayern via an aggregate scoreline of 6-3.

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This time Real Madrid will once again be the favorites to overcome the German challenge in Bayern Munich.

#1. Real Madrid CF

That being said, we now move on to the number 1 spot and the favorites to lift this year’s UEFA Champions League trophy or rather should I say, retain the Champions League trophy, are Real Madrid CF.

Real Madrid may have been playing pretty lackluster in the La Liga this year, but Cristiano Ronaldo and co have pretty much dominated every side in the Champions League this season. And after coming off a huge last minute win against Juventus in the quarter finals stage they are certainly the team to avoid at this stage.

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However, one thing we did pick up from the second leg between Juventus and Real is the fact that the Los Blancos are definitely unbeatable in the Champions League as well, that too in their own backyard of the Santiago Bernabeu, thus giving Bayern Munich a huge hope of pulling off their biggest win of the season so far.

Bayern will legitimately have to perform in the best way possible when they finally meet Real Madrid in the Champions League yet again, within one week time.