‘It’s sad to see Manchester United’, Nemanja Vidic criticizes the attitude of Mourinho’s squad

Manchester United lost their last match against West Bromwich Albion.


Ahead of the Premier League clash against AFC Bournemouth, former Manchester United player Nemanja Vidic has been vocal about Jose Mourinho’s policies and compared the current team to the glorious team he was a part of.

United lost their last game against West Bromwich, the last boys of Premier League. It was a home defeat and it ensured the league title for their noisy neighbours. In all aspects, it was a terrible display of football from Mourinho’s men and that has made Vidic worried.

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The former United defender said on Sky Sports, “Today they didn’t show what we expected, the energy going forward, that burst or sprint. It was too slow, which was disappointing. That is my worry, I’d like to see United playing faster, quicker with the ball. It’s too many touches, that’s the problem, especially against smaller teams.”

However, Vidic also mentioned that the side can surely boast of a good team, and good players, but the problem lies somewhere else.

“Sometimes I think the players have to show desire, show energy, run more than other teams. They didn’t move well without the ball, they didn’t move fast. The players didn’t perform the way they wanted,” the Serbian added.

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He could not repress his concern and blurted out the frustration, “It’s sad to see Man United lose at home to West Brom, a team who have won just three games all season.”

The 36 year old pundit thinks that the attitude of the team needs to be sorted at first, “It seems like he [Mourinho] is saying there is a problem with mentality in the players. I think the Man United players know every game is important and they have to win.

“You play for Man United, it’s not acceptable to draw or lose, always you have a high expectancy.”

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Nemanja Vidic further compared this team to the 2007/08 squad that won the Champions League trophy. He was a proud member of that side, and he revealed, “We won the Champions League and we didn’t celebrate.

“We had two hours of celebration, go on holiday, and the manager was thinking: “Who will we bring in next season to compete?”‘

Accoding to Vidic, that is the difference in attitude, and that is what makes Manchester United great. It will be interesting to see whether Vidic’s words can bring out the best from Mourinho’s boys against Bournemouth on Wednesday.