Manchester Derby : Three reasons why Jose Mourinho cannot afford to lose the Saturday saga

Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola will go head to head on Saturday.


This season, the Premier League has been extremely entertaining with a hoard of brilliant managers in the dugouts, and two of them will lock horns against each other in the Manchester derby tomorrow.

On the showdown of Premier League Saturday, Manchester United will travel to the Etihad stadium to face the league leaders. This Manchester derby is very important for both the managers for numerous reasons. Especially, the away boss Jose Mourinho can only look forward to a victory for some salvation in an otherwise dour campaign.

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Here are a few major talking points that would be very crucial ahead of the Manchester derby.

(1) Manchester City will secure the title with a win:

Currently, Pep Guardiola’s side sit at the top with a sixteen point advantage. With another victory over United, and with only six matches to go, it will be an unassailable nineteen points. While it is almost certain that City will win the league title this season, it would most surely give them great pleasure to complete the proceedings against their biggest rivals. And for the same reason, Mourinho cannot lose in the Manchester derby.

The league title being out of the picture, conceding “a double” against the city rivals will make things worse for the Portuguese boss, and he knows it himself. Hence, by no means, the Red Devils can aim for anything but three points.

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(2) Something to show off in this season:

Following up on the previous point, it has been not a perfect season for Mourinho’s men. Deemed as the favourites in the beginning of the year, Manchester United slowly lagged behind and with some unfortunate losses against lesser teams, they lost their chance to lift the 14th Premier League title. To add more woes to that, weak Spanish side Sevilla knocked them out of the Champions League at the Old Trafford.

Further, Mourinho has been attracting a lot of criticism for his strategies and defensive styles, and these blames can only stop when he has something to show off. Unfortunately, FA Cup might be the only trophy that they can secure this season. Even then, the chances of that happening look bleak at the moment. All in all, a defeat in the Manchester derby can well throw the fans off and they will never let Mourinho go without harsh words. He would be wise enough not to get that and go all out for three points on Saturday’s fixture.

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(3) Manchester City’s current situation:

Guardiola’s boys lost their midweek’s Champions League quarter final match, that too by a humiliating margin of 0-3 against Liverpool. Next Tuesday, they will have to overturn this defeat to progress through to the semifinal of the competition. It is highly likely that the manager will choose to rest his main players, for the Premier League title is theirs to lose at the moment. And hence, Mourinho must try his best to get the best out of this game.

Manchester derby is possibly the second most prestigious match for the Red Devils. A win in this game will mean a lot for the fans and supporters, and Jose Mourinho will be fool enough to pass on that opportunity.