Chelsea’s Transfer Policy: Is the Blues Transfer Policy Efficient Enough?

Reportedly, Eden Hazard's transfer value have been more than tripled, since the star joined The Blues from the French side Lille for £32m.


The English giants from the West London, Chelsea FC have strengthened their recognization in the world of football since the arrival Roman Billionaire Roman Abramovich. With his investments, Chelsea had reportedly started signing big names. But, does only buying stars justify their efficiency in the transfer market? Let us look on to some key facts.



Reportedly, Chelsea do not have many “buy low, sell high” history in the transfer market. Because of this, their transfer and development policy can be held under scrutiny without any doubt. A club’s revenue always depends more on how much the club have earned selling a player than what they actually spent on the player. But Chelsea’s present condition with respect to this statistics is really a matter of concern, although their English counterpart Manchester City can find themselves four times behind The Blues.

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A recent study by the CIES (Center for Intensive English Studies) Football Observatory, who highlights more on the transfer balance, have published a report claiming which players had the greatest increase in their transfer values. Reportedly, Chelsea do have only two of their recent players including the Belgian sensation Eden Hazard and their academy product Andreas Christensen among the top 50.

Reportedly, Eden Hazard’s transfer value have been more than tripled, since the star joined The Blues from the French side Lille for £32m. According to the CIES report, his estimated transfer value is expected to be £104m putting him 19th on the list. On the other hand, another young sensation Andreas Christensen also can find himself in the 48th position as the report claims his expected worth might be around £47m.

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Notably, fourteen players on the list including six players of the top ten belong to their respective club academies. But unfortunately, they do not value enough to make their positions in the starting XI. So, when they are sold to some other clubs, they can represent their parent club’s pride and tradition of success. These players can be considered as assets for their clubs. For example, we can say about Harry Kane, Marcus Rashford, Andreas Christensen and so on. Apart from that, the low-cost purchases like Dele Alli, Ciro Immobile, Cesar Azpilicueta also can be considered a few of the assets. Reportedly, the Spaniard Cesar Azpilicueta has somehow missed his spot from the list.

Chelsea have been receiving criticisms following their youth academy policy too. No matter how good your academy or players might be, you should hold them to develop and gain enough value before they are sold. But The Blues do have many youth players on loan for long-term and as a result, those players tend to move to those clubs and Chelsea receives very little revenue selling them.

We can look into some other facts, we can clearly find the lack of foresightedness of The Blues management. We have seen they let go some superstars like Kevin De Bruyne, Romelu Lukaku, Thorgan Hazard and so on for very little amount. In addition to that, the inclusion of Mohammad Salah in the list also proves the ineffectiveness of their transfer policy. So, we can clearly notice that although Chelsea have a successful academic record including few low-cost purchases, if they do not scrutinize their transfer policy, they can not make enough revenue to have a major impact in the transfer market.