Arsenal News: Gunners Custodian Petr Cech hints frustration due to club’s rotation policy

Petr Cech started his career with Stade Rennes.


Arsenal keeper Petr Cech has shown his discomfort in Arsenal’s rotation policy in their Goalkeeping role.

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The Gunners keeper was a pundit in a recent TV show for the BBC and has vividly shown his frustration about his current role as an Arsenal keeper. Arsenal have a policy of using the back up goalkeeper for the cup competitions and Cech doesn’t like it. He believes that the rotation policy in Chelsea was far better than the current one at the Emirates.

“It wasn’t always a case of playing in one or two competitions, it was game by game,” he told in BBC as he was present as a pundit in Chelsea’s FA Cup game against Leicester. The current Arsenal keeper also added that playing in the FA Cup is always special and it adds spice and bit more thrill in a professional player’s season.

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But David Ospina is Arsenal’s cup goalkeeper throughout the last couple of seasons and will also play the remainder of the Europa League this season as well.

“If you kept playing well and didn’t need a rest, the manager had his choice to pick the goalkeeper for the competition,” the former Chelsea man said about his old employees and clearly stated he preferred the Chelsea policy more.

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David Ospina has become Arsenal’s Cup Goalkeeper

“But you have to respect the manager. You can tell him you would prefer the other way, but the decision is his,” Cech added.

Cech has won FA Cup four times with the Blues but was on the bench for Arsenal when they won it last season against Chelsea.

Cech also addressed the ongoing uncertainty surrounding Wenger’s future, saying it affected different players in different ways.

“It’s individual. As a player some probably look outside more than others,” he said. “I have to say I only concentrate on what I can do, which is my game and my preparation every day.”

He also said that these things can really affect the mindset of a player as they think about the things off the field.