Dinesh Karthik: The Indian batsman believes in Karma and says it’s for the good things he has done

Karthik is going to captain KKR in this IPL.


India’s new hero Dinesh Karthik has still remained his feet on the floor a couple of days after his gallant display on the field in the Final of the Nidahas Trophy against Bangladesh.

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Karthik scored 29 of just 8 balls and hit a final ball six to give India a win in the Final over Bangladesh and since has been a focal point of the current wave of attraction. But the veteran, just like his batting is so modest and says that it maybe due to all the good things he had done in his life.

“It is probably karma I guess,” he said at a press conference in Chennai. “For all the good things I have done all through my years and cricketing career it probably helped me hit that six. If it had been a four, it would have been a Super Over and it would have been a different scenario. That two mm extra it went, was a great thing for me. Probably all the good things you do over the years come to fruition,” he added.

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Karthik was on fire against Bangladesh

Karthik has been in the Indian team scenario for a long time but never cemented his place due to inconsistency and due to the arrival of MS Dhoni up to an extent. His opportunities has been few and far between, but the current Indian batsman feels that he will have to take whatever the glimpse of chance he gets and capitalize on to that.

The newly appointed Kolkata Knight Riders captain also shrugged off any comparison with MS Dhoni and said that he is happy with where he is. “When it comes to Dhoni, I am studying in the university in which he is the topper, “So, it is unfair for me to be compared with him,” he said.