Premier League News: Nemanja Matic praises his fellow Manchester United player after promising display

Scott McTominay has flourished through the youth ranks of Manchester United and currently performing persistently in Premier League football.


Top Manchester United midfielder Nemanja Matic has recently praised his fellow Manchester United and one of the most standout midfielders in the Premier League today, 21-year-old Scott McTominay.

Matic recently stated in an interview that his fellow Red Devil, McTominay is indeed poised to be a “big player” for The Red Devils and will prove himself to be one of the standout superstars for the club within the next few pivotal years of his playing career.

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As noted, McTominay has recently forced his way into Manchester United’s midfield picture this season and has proved himself to be one of the most valuable assets for Jose Mourinho’s side.

The 21-year-old youngster has also lined up alongside Nemanja Matic in the starting XI of the recently concluded draw between United and Spanish club Sevilla FC in the UEFA Champions League. Other than that, McTominay has also started in United’s recent 2-1 home win over Chelsea this past Sunday.

The Manchester United academy graduate has now made 10 competitive starts for The Red Devils and is also currently on the shortlist for United’s player of the month award.  However, McTominay has also received a major boost to his confidence as Matic has stated that he believes the 21-year-old McTominay has a very bright future ahead of him and labelled United No. 39 as “amazing”.

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Additionally, Matic also praised McTominay for his recent performance against Chelsea FC, the Serbian international said:

“He is 21 and to play like that and control the game like that is impressive. He will be a big player for Manchester United.”– Matic stated.

Further, Matic stated that he is also a fan of McTominay and billed him as a very nice guy who does not hesitate to share his problems with Matic, prior to kick-off to a particular game. Matic has also said that he is always there to help the 21-year-old player.

Matic added, when he first came to Manchester United, he saw within a few days that McTominay is indeed destined to be a top player for The Red Devils.

“He is working very hard, but I don’t want to say too many things about him because he is still very young.”- Matic added.