Breaking: Rey Mysterio gives latest updates on his possible return to WWE

Mysterio was born in Tijuana.


Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Rey Mysterio has confirmed that talks are ongoing for a possible return to WWE in recent future.

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Rey Mysterio is one of the most coveted wrestlers in the history of WWE and his high flying skills and outstanding maneuvers have got a lot of plaudits around the world. Rey left WWE in 2014 and since then he has been performing in the companies like Lucha Underground and other promotions.

But there had been a huge demand among the fans to bring back their favorite Luchador, and the Mexican has confirmed that there are still talks going about his possible return to the biggest arena of sports entertainment.

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The master of 619 recently gave an interview in Inside the Rope, and has stated about the negotiations regarding his return.

“Right now, the conversation is still in the open with WWE so I am hoping that when the time is right and we sit down to talk about the future of Rey Mysterio with WWE, if there is any future with Rey Mysterio, it is going to be good for both parties as much as it will be good for WWE as it will be good for me.

“I think it is in the best interest for the both of us. Putting that aside, whatever happens there, hopefully we can continue to do business with 5 Star Wrestling. I don’t see why not.”

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Mysterio is widely loved among fans

Rey was a part of the 2018 Royal Rumble where he was the number 27 entrant and also looked extremely agile and fresh during his stay. The Mexican also managed to pull off two 619s before being eliminated by Finn Balor. Shinshuke Nakamura was the eventual winner of this year’s Royal Rumble.


Mysterio has so far won two singles titles in the Wrestlemania pay per view, World Heavyweight Championship in 2006 and Intercontinental Championship in 2009.