UEFA Nations League: The new tournament and it’s effect on EURO Qualifying

Nations League will start in September.


The newly organized UEFA Nations League is set to inaugurate in September this year and it will be organized in every alternate year.

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The Nations League will see 55 European countries fight it out among themselves in tier basis league format where promotions and relegation will be involved. There will be an Elite knock out round among the top four teams of the four groups of League A.

But there has been another tricky part in the Nations League, that will potentially encourage the countries to emphasize in the tournament.

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Euro Qualification:

Euro qualifiers for 2020 will commence in March 2019, with double headers in the March, June, September, October and November international breaks.

Teams will be split into five groups of five teams and five groups of six teams. In total, there will be 10 matchdays – the same number as now.

The top two teams from the 10 groups qualify automatically for the Euros, while four more places at the finals will be awarded to play-off winners. Sixteen teams will compete in the play-offs. And here is the thing where Nations League will play a pivotal part in subsequent EURO qualifiers.

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Each Nations League league gets four play-off spots. If the winner of a group has already qualified for the Euros, the next best team which has not qualified goes into the play-offs.

Those sixteen teams will go into four groups, with the top team going to the Euros. The four teams play two one-off semi-finals and one one-off final to determine play-off winners.

So, if one of the Home Nations fails to qualify the traditional way, each league has a path of its own to the finals. The UEFA Nations League rankings will also determine the composition of draw pots for subsequent European Qualifiers.

UEFA also believe that Nations League will provide more competitions an as the teams will play against the similar ranked teams, there will be more meaningful games than the simple domination of the superior countries.