Breaking: Current Manchester United star is sentenced sixteen months in Prison for a massive guilt


Manchester United star Alexis Sanchez has accepted his alleged tax fraud deal after being sentenced sixteen months in prison for his offense.

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Alexis Sanchez evaded tax in his Barcelona days

Alexis Sanchez was marked guilty of defrauding tax during his Barcelona days as he evaded around €1 million tax at that time in Spain, while playing for FC Barcelona. The Chilean was accused of not giving the tax to the Spanish authority and he accepted his guilt. Sanchez appeared in court via video link in January and pleaded guilty to concealing part of what he earned from image rights during his time at Camp Nou.

And now he has been given a 16 month suspended prison which means that he won’t have to spend time on jail, as he already has agreed to pay all that amount plus interest to the Spanish authority. The charges of tax fraud on the Chilean is mainly of Image rights taxes during 2012 and 2013.

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Not paying the fine can take him to prison for 16 months 

But it will be a relief for Manchester United supporters, as their new signing has accepted a deal to stop himself from going against the bars which also has been helped by two other reasons. One of them has been Sanchez’s first involvement in it, as a first time convict he has got a release and along with that a 16 month prison sentence can be avoided as it is below the 24 month mark due to some Spaish Judicial laws. The 29 year old will have to pat his fine to completely get out of this misery but it is quite certain that he can continue his new career at the Old Trafford.

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He made a huge wage move to Manchester United this winter

The legal process is expected to be sorted out soon and he is not the first player in history to be in this position. His former teammates Lionel Messi and Javier Mascherano were also proved guilty in tax evading issues and they also settled it with a fine clause.

Alexis joined United in the Winter from Arsenal and will earn around £14 million a year after paying the taxes.