Alexis Sanchez: Chilean says “I dreamed of playing for Manchester United” as he makes his move from Arsenal

Sanchez says that he spoke to Alex Ferguson regarding his love for United.


Alexis Sanchez joined Manchester United on Monday from Arsenal and gave his first interview for his new club.

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The long speculation of his move ended as he joined Jose Mourinho’s side, a deal that also includes Henrikh Mkhitaryan to Arsenal. Here is what the Chilean had to say on his first interview as a Manchester United player-


On becoming a Manchester United Player-
Since I was a young lad I’ve always said that my dream was to play for Manchester United, and I’m not just saying that because I’m here now and today it’s come true. I always said as a kid that I’d like to play for United and I once spoke to Sir Alex Ferguson about it. We chatted for around 20 minutes. And I told him that my dream was to come here to Manchester United. It really is a massive club, very powerful, and so now, when I got the opportunity to come here, I looked at the badge and my hairs just stood up on end because it’s a powerful club and the biggest in England.

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On what he can achieve at Old Trafford-
I believe that at this club it’s possible to achieve anything. The badge says it all, it’s a huge club on a worldwide scale, and I want to come here and win everything: the Premier League, the Champions League, and whatever comes the club’s way in the future.

Role of Jose Mourinho- 
He indicated it is important for the club for me to be here. I also believe that the club itself cared about me joining, and I got the impression that they were keen for me to come here and wear the number seven shirt. I think that also gets through to the player. Players sometimes need to feel important and loved by the club. That was one of the things that attracted me to come here, along with the manager, who is a person who won everything in Italy, the same as he did in Spain, and he’s a manager who likes to win.

The number 7 shirt and the legacy-
When they told me that Cristiano, Cantona, David Beckham had all worn it, just thinking about that number seven sets you off dreaming in your head with ideas about lifting the Champions League trophy and winning the Premier League title. So yes, I’m fulfilling a dream and I hope to give my very best and win many trophies at this club.

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 Strengths as a player-
I’m a player who likes to win everything. I’m very professional in everything I do. I live for football. I love football. It’s what I’m passionate about. I train hard every day and after a game I try to look at what went well and where I can improve. I really like to play down the left, through the middle… but to tell you the truth, as long as I’m playing football, I’ll fit in anywhere!

On thoughts of Family and his dogs-
[Smiles] Atom and Humber are my mates, my kids, the ones who are with me every day and who I spend time with. They see me when I get home tired and feeling a bit low, and they can understand you and how you are every day. They are the ones who are there for you after a defeat or a win, and they are always waiting for you with the same expression on their faces. It’s worth a lot that they understand you and just want to make you happy.

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Sanchez says that he wants to win Premier League with United

On impacts in Chile-
I think that people in Chile think a lot of me, they really do, and I’m really grateful to them for this affection that they have and I think it will be quite something to be the first Chilean to play for United’s first team. It certainly means a lot to me and I hope it makes a big impression back home.

Message for the Manchester United fans-

Alexis Sanchez is here! [Smiles] He’s hungry to win all the trophies, Premier League, Champions League… United fans, enjoy Alexis Sanchez, bye! [thumbs up]