Analysis: Three massive reasons that were instrumental in India’s downfall in Centurion

It was another sorry outing for the Indian Cricket Team.


India, the Numero Uno team in Test cricket showed the dark half of their legacy as they have already lost the test series in South Africa.

On the second test, the conditions were surprisingly tailor made for India’s to dominate, as it was a flat pitch on a sunny day. Maybe it was a late new year gift for the visitors, but our batsmen couldn’t afford it.

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Kohli also blamed the horrific batting display but there are some deep things that has been somewhat not rectified, and resulted to another shortcoming in an away test.

The simple thing, Indian batting was not good enough:

The first point is the simplest dissection of the reason behind the loss – the batting woes. It was only Virat Kohli who stood tall in the first innings. Apart from that everyone was a failure. KL Rahul couldn’t grab his opportunities, while Vijay though shone in the first, faltered in the subsequent innings.

On the other hand, Pujara managed to get himself run out on both occasions, a rare feat, while Rohit Sharma simply ran out of partners in the second innings when India’s loss was only a matter of time.

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So in the best of conditions, our batsmen couldn’t make it count and gave it away. It is to be seen what the team India put up in Johannesburg. Although it will not be a test that can change the fate of the series, but it will be massive for some of the players who haven’t fared well so far.

A dolorous team selection, accompanied with careless attitude:

It really was one, that is why Bhuvneshwar Kumar, who bowled so well in Cape Town was dropped. Rahul came in for Dhawan while a Ajinkya Rahane, a proven player in African conditions was left out. These ludicrous decisions and team selections really backfired and were one of the reasons for India’s downfall.

Speaking of the careless attitude, Hardik Pandya showed it twice in his batting. In the first innings, he ran himself out thanks to a moment of utter unprofessional error and casual approach, while he tried to play an upper cut on a short and wide delivery in the second innings, only to manage an edge and got himself gone. Parthiv Patel also missed a glaring opportunity at the stumps while Pujara was wasteful with his wicket as well.

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Lack of Competitiveness:

Another reason is the lack of guts and resilience, that was missing in the team. Only Virat Kohli and Mohammed Shami showed some fight, and others were not only naive but tender as well. When the challenges were crude and situations were difficult, none of the players showed enough mental strength to counter the Proteas bowlers. The lack of inspiration in the side was quite vivid and that also played a big part in the surrender of the Indian side.


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