Premier League clubs given German midfielder boost as club confirms no deal has taken place yet

The race to sign Schalke star Leon Goretzka remains open.


Schalke midfielder Leon Goretzka is right now at the focal point of a demanding war between all the top European clubs after his disclosure that he is prepared to move on from Schalke at his contract’s end.

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Some latest reports later recommended that defending Bundesliga Champions Bayern Munich are driving the race for the Germany midfielder.

The midfielder has just a half year left on his present contract and has declined to expand his agreement at the club despite being offered another five-year deal with a €10million contract per year which could make Goretzka the highest paid the player at the club.

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What’s more, with January drawing closer, he will now have the power to arrange a new deal with a new club with Bosman transfer and according to reports, alongside top Premier League, La Liga and Serie A clubs defending Bundesliga champions Bayern Munich have at last gained the player.

Earlier this week German media house BILD detailed that Liverpool were believed to be leading the transfer race, but now Spanish media house Marca has assured Barcelona has gotten affirmation that Goretzka wants to remain at Germany and will move to Bayern which is a powerhouse of German footballers.

In any case, now dissing every one of the bits of gossip, the 22-year-old German midfielder’s agent has reportedly kept up that no arrangement with Goretzka has been settled yet as Schalke boss Christian Heidel affirmed the news which could give a boost to his suitors like Liverpool, Arsenal, Manchester United, Barcelona, Juventus and so forth.

Heidel said: “Jorg Neubauer has yesterday confirmed to me that there is no decision so far.”

Bayern Munich manager Jupp Heynckes also admitted the club hadn’t yet tied down any deal for Goretzka and echoed the same thought of Schalke chief.

“You’ll have to wait and see,” he said as Bayern jetted off to Qatar for warm weather training.

“If I read it correctly, his manager [Jorg] Neubauer said that they have not yet decided. The Spaniards are still there in the race.

“He is a bright, intelligent boy. He knows exactly what is best for himself.”

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Goretzka has installed himself as one of the best players for Schalke since the 2013/14 season and has for quite some time been viewed as the most encouraging players of the current German age.

The 22-year-old scored five times for Schalke last while additionally astounded everybody with his displays for Germany at the Confederations Cup where he ended as the top scorer of the competition.

Goretzka also has been marvellous this season and has scored four goals from the midfield to move his team to the second spot in the Bundesliga table, eleven points behind pioneers Bayern.

He is expected to make a make a declaration on his future in the coming weeks and with such a great amount of interest from every side of the top Europan clubs, it will be interesting to see where the player puts his feet in the long run.