News: Arsenal goalkeeper Petr Cech reflects his thoughts after the penalty decision by Mike Dean

Cech faces his old club on Wednesday.


Arsenal were left shocked in the last match of the Premier League when Mike Dean awarded a penalty against them which was not a handball at all.

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It was the dying stages of the game and that immature decision cost the Gunners two valuable points, and in the mid of that Arsenal keeper Petr Cech was shown yellow card for some anonymous reason and the Czech was not happy with that at all.

He spoke after the match and he was clearly livid with the decision of the referee and also said that he couldn’t understand the reason of his card as well.

“Every time we have a meeting with the referees prior to the season and it comes to this point where the player is too close to the ball and he has no chance to react. He has his hands by his side and it can never be a penalty. The referee gives this with two minutes to go and I asked him why he changed his opinion to give a penalty, when every time we have this meeting, it’s clear that they say this is not a penalty,” Cech said when he was asked if he was annoyed about the penalty.

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He also added that his card was most disappointing as referee could have come up with something else as he wasn’t rude and just asked a question. Cech also said that he doesn’t know why penalty was given and even the referee Mike Dean did say nothing to him when he asked about it.

Cech was also asked if he is angry with the decision and the former Rennes custodian came up with a fitting reply and said, “I’m just disappointed because of the penalty situation. I expect, when I walk towards the referee with respect and ask him a question, I would like him to answer me in a normal way and not give me a yellow card and say nothing.”