Carabao Cup: Semi Final draw, Schedule and Road to Semi Finals for the Teams

Manchester City will make a trip to Bristol.


The Carabao or English Football League Cup draw took place on Wednesday after the Quarter finals concluded and the final four teams will fight it out for the silverware in February.

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The Final Four:

Arsenal, Bristol City, Chelsea, Manchester City

Semi Final Draw:

Arsenal were drawn with Chelsea as Manchester City got the Championship side Bristol City, who beat Manchester United in the Quarter Finals stage.


Semi Finals are two legged tie that will be played 9th, 10th and 23rd, 24th January.

  • On 9th January, Manchester City will host the Championship side and the second leg of this tie will be played on 23rd as City will travel to Bristol.
  • Arsenal travel West London to face Chelsea on 10th January and then host the Blues at the Emirates on 24th January in the second leg.

Road to Semi Finals:


3rd Round: Doncaster Rovers (1-0)

4th Round: Norwich City (2-1 ET)

Quarter Finals: West Ham (1-0)

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Bristol City:

1st Round: Plymouth Argyle (5-0)

2nd Round: Watford (3-2)

3rd Round: Stoke City (2-0)

4th Round: Crystal Palace (4-1)

Quarter Finals: Manchester united (2-1)

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3rd Round: Nottingham Forest (5-1)

4th Round: Everton (2-1)

Quarter Finals: Bournemouth (2-1)

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Manchester City:

3rd Round: West Brom (2-1)

4th Round: Wolverhampton Wanderers (0-0, 4-1 in Penalties)

Quarter Finals: Leicester City (1-1, 4-3 in Penalties)

The Looks ahead:

It’s hard to swallow the disappointment and downright embarrassment after United’s loss, but all of the focus should really be on Bristol City after their win. The scenes at the end were magical and their fans will remember this forever. Arsenal and Chelsea also managed wins while Man City had to depend on Bravo from the spot again.

Working hard can be a great leveller in football and though United’s team had the big names, Bristol City’s enthusiasm and endeavour made an enormous difference. It would be remiss not to acknowledge that Bristol City played some excellent stuff too. It will be a good encounter for Man City and the London derby as well will be fascinating.