How good is Virat Kohli – An alternate analysis

Kohli ranks 2 in ICC Test Ranking, 1 in ICC ODI as well as T20 Rankings. The 29-years-old is already regarded as one of the greatest batsmen of his generation


Everyone is now talking about how great Kohli is and how he compares to other batting legends. Newspapers have he is better than Sachin; and social media forums are in a frenzy over comparisons with Viv Richards, Ponting, ABD, and others.

But how good he actually is? Let’s do some analysis.

Kohli has scored 32 ODI centuries now. Second only to Sachin Tendulkar (49). But the ranking is clearly unjust as Sachin has scored 9000 runs more than Virat and more than double the number of matches.

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A better number is runs per century (not only in the century innings but overall). Although this somewhat penalizes a batsman when it’s a big century and clearly those who play later in the innings have a lesser chance of reaching the triple-digit mark, but such numbers are likely to be better than just the number of centuries.

I did that calculation for players with minimum 10 ODI centuries and not surprisingly Kohli comes out on top in the list and closely following him is Hashim Amla. Fair Enough, I believe.

Runs  Ave C F R/C F/C Name
9030 55.74 32 45 282.19 1.41 V Kohli (INDIA)
7381 51.25 26 34 283.88 1.31 HM Amla (SA)
3806 45.85 13 15 292.76 1.15 Q de Kock (SA)
4270 44.94 14 17 305.00 1.21 DA Warner (AUS)
2725 36.82 8 14 340.62 1.75 Salman Butt (PAK)

BONUS: Babar Azam (PAK) tops the list if we consider minimum 5 centuries. He has 7 centuries to his name. Another surprising name that would have been part of the list is RN ten Doeschate (NL). He has 5 centuries to his name.

On a partially unrelated note, wishing Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma a very happy married life.