WWE News: Former WWE superstar reveals shocking details about chairman Vince McMahon

Austin Aries opens up about chairman Vince McMahon.


Former WWE Cruiserweight Austin Aries recently sat down with six-time WWE World Champion Chris Jericho on his podcast called Talk is Jericho in order to discuss a host of topics, including his run as a commentator in the WWE.

Austin Aries first signed with WWE in 2016, under the company’s developmental territory of NXT. During his time in NXT, Aries had a lot of memorable matches against the likes of Baron Corbin, No Way Jose, and Shinsuke Nakamura.

However, on October 27, Aries once again went toe-to-toe with Nakamura in a live event in Fresno, California, during the match Aries suffered a large orbital socket injury which eventually led to him being promoted to the main roster from NXT.

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After his main-roster call-up, Aries started calling matches on Raw alongside Michael Cole and Corey Graves most notably for the Cruiserweight division. He also called provided commentary on 205 Live and Main Event, alongside Mauro Ranallo and Corey Graves.

On Vince McMahon’s opinions on his commentary:

During his interview with Chris Jericho; Aries revealed that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon thought that he is a natural commentator.

“The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived” claimed that following his orbital injury he told Triple H that he didn’t want to go off the TV and wanted to keep working on screen in one way or another. Aries, reportedly asked Triple H that he is open on taking any sort of roles that the company throws at him – whether it is on the commentator desk, a managerial position on TV, or anything else that would somehow keep him on-screen.

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The former ROH World Champion then added by saying that he learned a lot from Michael Cole, during his time on the commentator desk and said that after his first night as a commentator Vince McMahon told him:

“Goddammit, you’re a natural. Nobody ever had a debut like that before.”

Aries is now currently working on the Independent scene and has been wrestling for various Indy promotions, around the world. But on the other hand, there is no doubt that WWE decided to drop the ball on him, whereas they could’ve easily made him a top star in the company, due to his amazing wrestling abilities.