Revealed: Have a look at India captain Virat Kohli’s diet chart and food sacrifices

Kohli is nearing his 2000 T20 runs.


Virat Kohli is the name in world cricket right now as the Indian skipper has a sky high demand in every aspect of the game. He undoubtedly is one of the best batsmen ever in cricket’s history and the future is safe in the hands of the flamboyant man.


But if we see the fame side of him, we must also look at the hard work and dedication. There are a lot of sacrifices a player has to do to reach his destination, and Kohli has had to do the same. There has been many stuffs that he had to leave to avail his fitness or reach to the peak and there is a long list of sacrifices.

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He initially was a bit chubby but got his chance in the Indian team due to his batting prowess. But he realized the only missing link between him and a champion was his fitness issues, so he started transforming himself. We don’t need any introduction of Kohli’s fitness level at present but he revealed how he changed his fitness level.

In a show named Breakfast with Champions, the Indian talisman revealed his diet plan and the sacrifices he has made to reach this level.

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Virat revealed that his breakfast is always set and he eats those same stuffs day in and day out.

An Omlette, Three egg whites, One whole egg, Grilled Bacon or Smoked Salmon, Papaya or Watermelon, Butter and Gluten free Breads and 3-4 cups Green Tea.

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Smoked Salmon

Lunch: Lean proteins and leafy vegetables along with Red meat when he requires to gain muscles. Otherwise he avoids red meat and eats Grilled chicken, spinach and mashed potato.

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Dinner: Sea foods.


But Kohli made other revelations about his sacrifice, he said that he hasn’t eat his favorite butter chicken and Mutton Roll for four years. He revealed that he only eats Chhole Bature whenever he craves for some fast food.