Video: 5 best goals of Arsenal against Tottenham in the recent seasons at Emirates

Arsenal face Spurs in the North London Derby on 18th November at the Emirates.


Arsenal and Tottenham is always one of the biggest spectacles in the Premier League as it is the collision between two of the fiercest rivals of London. It is also known as the North London Derby as both the teams are situated in the North of river Thames.

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Arsenal though were the outsider team of North London, through years it has been the red half of London that has dominated the early natives, Tottenham. Arsenal have been better than Spurs in every aspect, in terms of class, players, history and winning silverware.

But slowly Spurs have upgraded themselves in a better way and they have almost reached at Arsenal’s level, if not better than them. In the recent years, there has been a spring in Spurs’ squad, their overall football and the club has been on even terms with their old rivals.

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In the last season, Tottenham finished above Arsenal in the league after some 21 years and even this season they have been doing better than the Gunners already, though it’s very early days to say something conclusive.

With the North London Derby approaching right after the International break, today we shall take a look at the best 5 Arsenal goals against Spurs at Emirates Stadium since the turn of this decade.

Results at Emirates:

Arsenal 2 Spurs 3  (2010-11)

Arsenal 5 Spurs 2 (2011-12)

Arsenal 5 Spurs 2 (2012-13)

Arsenal 1 Spurs 0 (2013-14)

Arsenal 1 Spurs 1 (2014-15)

Arsenal 1 Spurs 1 (2015-16)

Arsenal 1 Spurs 1 (2016-17)

Top 5 Goals:

5. Tomas Rosicky (2011-12)

This was the turn around goal for the Gunners in that match. Arsenal took the lead after half time thanks to this deft finish by Little Mozart Tomas Rosicky. Bacary Sagna crossed the grounder and the Czech put the ball in the back of the net.


4. Theo Walcott (2011-12)

Walcott added his 1st of that afternoon to make the score 4-2 with this goal. It was a long ball by Van Persie that found him, the England man kept himself onside and scooped it past a hapless Brad Friedel as the Emirates erupted in joy.

What makes it more significant is that Walcott was one of Arsenal’s underperformers in the first half, but he turned it around with a couple of goals in the second.


3. Per Mertesacker (2012-13)

It was the first goal for Arsenal for the Big German and it was a massive one. It was the equalizer for the Gunners after they were trailing. This goal galvanized them and Arsenal went on to score 4 more to seal back to back 5-2 wins over Spurs at the Emirates.

Walcott’s cross was met exquisitely by the former Werder Bremen player’s head and Hugo Lloris had no chance.


2. Robin Van Persie (2011-12)

This was the goal that made Arsenal level the scoreline just before half time. A miss clearance gave the ball to Van Persie’s foot and the Dutchman unleashed a curling shot from the edge of the box which beat Brad Friedel to make it all level for the Gunners.

This was the match that initiated Arsenal’s run in the season from February when they overtook Tottenham’s 12 point lead in the league and finished above them.


1. Olivier Giroud (2013-14)

Olivier Giroud scored the only goal of this match in crisis surroundings of the Gunners. It was a poor start to that season for them but this win over Tottenham calmed the nerves of the supporters. Walcott found space at the right hand side and found Giroud, who just managedhis left foot ahead of the defender to finish exquisitely past Hugo Lloris’ near post.