Breaking: Dejan Lovren wins the Player Of The Month Award at Liverpool by fans days after receiving death threats

Dejan Lovren joined Liverpool from Southampton.


Liverpool defender Dejan Lovren has bagged the October Player Of The Month award at Liverpool after reportedly getting death threats from the fans on social media. The defender won the award which was voted by the Liverpool fans at the club’s official website.

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Lovren has won the POTM award at Liverpool

It has been analyzed as a good gesture on behalf of the Liverpool fans after Lovren recently revealed in Instagram that he received death threats from Liverpool fans. It seems that all the fans rallied together and voted him for the award, may be to calm his mind a little bit.

A message sent to him, which Lovren took a screen shot of and posted to social media, read: “I’m gonna murder ur family u Croatian p****”.

Lovren’s Instagram post

Lovren stated that he won’t really entertain any of these disgraceful behaviors towards his family and strongly condemned that kind of ill minded act and termed it disgusting.

It is understood that a sector of Kops urged their fellow supporters to vote Lovren for the Player of the Month award after these shocking claims. And Lovren has got same percdnt of vote as Egyptian Mohammed Salah got and has been the joint nominee for the Player of the Month for October.

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But in reality he has had a horrid start to the season as the Croatian has been sloppy in their recent matches and has been heavily criticized for that, so the voting result created shock waves.

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Lovren has tied with Salah for the POTM award

Also some of the Liverpool supporters have turned against the supporters who voted Lovren. One said on Twitter that awards should be given on the basis of performance, not sympathy. While another Kop took twitter and said that the people who voted Lovren have made the Liverpool supporters embarrassed.

But it is unclear so far whether the Merseyside club will give both of them awards or choose a  solitary player.