Huge: Former Adult Star reveals she was scared of WWE legend that he will kidnap her

Undertaker is one of the most respected persons of WWE.


Adult World sweetheart Jenna Jameson has revealed that she was afraid of the WWE legend Undertaker that the phenom will kidnap her. She revealed this in her autobiography and also mentioned that they used to hang out and were good friends.

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The Phenom

Jenna Jameson, often with her activities has mesmerized the ‘spectators’ in her films, but the Porn actress herself was scared of the deadman as she says The Undertaker tried to gain love from her and threatened to kidnap her, all that was revealed in her autobiography “How to make love like a porn star”.

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Jameson with her new book Sugar

She said that she was only 16 when Undertaker used to come in a tattoo parlour where she worked and she used to look at him shyly, eventually where they became good pals. She wrote: “Undertaker was one of the biggest WWF wrestlers at the time.”

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Entry of the Phenom

Both of them used to hang out whenever the WWE legend was on road in Vegas and also helped Jenson once when someone was stalking at her.

The man was attempting to buy her a drink when Undertaker intervened, telling him: “You can get me a shot of Jaeger and you can get yourself a shot of shut

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the f***up.”

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Jameson wrote she and Taker were good friends
 “He would put people in coffins and set them on fire in the ring. And the scary thing is, that character he played was not an act,” she added in her book, which was in top sellers list for one and half month after it’s publication.
But Jenna also revealed that Undertaker once wooed her by saying that he will kick her boyfriend and take her away, which made the actress very scary and she flee away.

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Undertaker wanted to kidnap Jenna Jameson!
She added: “I knew he was serious. I ran upstairs and told Jordan we had to leave, because this guy was going to beat the f**k out of him and kidnap me. So I never saw him again.”

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Undertaker will return to WWE in Raw’s 25th year anniversary episode since his defeat in Wrestlemania in the hands of Roman Reigns.