News: Rahul Dravid speaks on the changes in Indian cricket and the financial security in the game

Rahul Dravid has an important message for the young cricketers.


Rahul Dravid recently spoke about how the game has changed from their generation to this current generation and depicts that the improvement of the game in every sector, from technique to player’s confidence and financial security.

“I think there’s a certain confidence and belief in Indian cricket today which has come about through results,” he said.

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“It’s definitely more evident today than from the time I started. I remember I was sitting on a flight and I was really excited going on one of my early tours and said, ‘It’ll be great if we can win the series.’ And what I got was, ‘We’ll be lucky if we can win one Test match. Let’s hope we can win one and draw the rest’, People expect India now to win,” he added saying that the spectators are confident about team’s victory more than they were in Dravid’s era.

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“When I look at a lot of the India A guys or Under-19 guys that I coach, I can see the fearlessness and confidence. It also comes with a certain level of financial security. For me, as a 21-22-year old, I knew that the B.Com degree I barely managed to get in college wasn’t going to suffice, and I needed to make cricket work. There was a pressure to make cricket work and make it possible for me to lead a good life.”

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Dravid and Laxman after a historic partnership in Kolkata

Dravid also added that the financial security the players get even without playing for India is pleasing for him, because that at least let’s the player to focus on the game in whatever platform he is playing on, without thinking too much about the financial uncertainties.

Dravid also has another word of caution for the young starlets of Indian cricket. The former India captain believes that there is no need for a young teenage cricketer to have agents now a days, as they should only have agents when they have reached a certain level. A player who is only 19 doesn’t need an agent, so they should only avail agents when they only require it to concentrate fully on the game.