Star German manager apologises for hitting a fan with bottle

Frustrated with his team's performance Nagelsmann threw a water bottle against a wall but it instead hit a Hoffenheim supporter.


Hoffenheim boss Julian Nagelsmann has made a statement of regret after he tossed a water bottle in frustration which hit one of the club’s supporters during the Bundesliga side’s 3-1 defeat at home to Borussia Monchengladbach.

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The home team made the first breakthrough in the game when midfielder Kerem Demirbay scored the opening goal of the game in the 25 minutes to lead the tie, but, a clumsy display at the back in the second half gave Hoffenheim their second thrashing in the week as they, in the end, lost 3-1 just after losing 1-0 to Werder Bremen in the DFB Pokal in the midweek fixture.

Amid the match, it was obviously noticeable that the German manager was plainly disappointed with his group’s execution and in the second half, he tossed a water bottle in dissatisfaction against a wall however it hit a Hoffenheim supporter.

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After the final whistle, the young manager hastened quickly to the hit supporter to make an apology and keeping in mind that discussing the episode he said that his throw was expected to hit the wall.

Nagelsmann told Bild: “This was a stupid action from me. I wanted to throw into the wall, but the bottle neck was stuck in my sweater. That cannot and will not happen [again].

“I really wanted to throw the bottle from the coaching zone into the wall. Thank goodness it did not fall directly onto the fan, but I’m sorry.

“It was not my intention to throw the bottle into the audience.”

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The thrashing now leaves Hoffenheim in seventh place in the Bundesliga, with Monchengladbach having gone above them in the table and after completing last time in top four, the German boss will be practically annoyed with his team’s execution.

They will now go to an away match in Istanbul to play against Istanbul Basaksehir in the Europa League on Thursday and will hope to recover from their form to return back to winning ways.

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