Breaking: Indian legend slams the way of Kumble’s departure and calls it ‘unfortunate’ and ‘unfair’

Rahul Dravid and Anil Kumble both have captained India in Tests.


Anil Kumble’s dressing room issues with some of the Indian players was a hot topic earlier this year and that saw a shock resignation by the former Indian legend from his coaching duties. But this hasn’t been taken well by most of the Indian cricket lovers and former India captain Rahul Dravid is one of them, who said in a recent talk that Anil Kumble deserved a bit more respect.

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Dravid questioned the manner of Kumble exit

Kumble stepped down after Champions Trophy with immediate effect after his and Kohli’s tenure become untenable.

“At the end of the day, I don’t know the specifics of that particular issue, but it shouldn’t have got played out in the way that it did,” Dravid said at the Bangalore Literature Festival. “I think the whole thing got played out in the media which is very, very unfortunate for Anil and not fair on him at all,” the former teammate of Kumble said.

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Dravid didn’t go in to the dressing room matters but the manner of Kumble’s exit was astonishing to him given Kumble is one of the legends in Indian cricket. The leg spinner has been a great ambassador of Indian cricket but the way it radiated to the public was something very unfortunate and amateurish according to him.

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Dravid and Kumble celebrate a wicket during their India days

Dravid also admitted that cricketers have more power than coaches and that went in favor of Indian players in the expense of Anil Kumble, while he also thinks that even he enjoyed the same advantage when he was a cricketer.

The Wall was also very realistic about being sacked. He continued that a coach must always accept the fact that one day he is going to be sacked as it is the reality. But still in terms of the performance graph of Kumble as a coach, the unfortunate incident could well have been avoided, or at least if it was not, it should have been done a bit more ethically and professionally.