Former Chelsea goalkeeper questions Liverpool defender’s defensive ability

Jurgen Klopp's side has been facing tough times this season and already conceded 24 goals in all competitions, winning only thrice in the league.


Bournemouth goalkeeper Asmir Begovic has scrutinized Liverpool’s floundering back-line, proposing that the Merseyside club’s players don’t have the fearlessness as well as don’t have the desire to be top-class centre backs right now.

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Liverpool’s defense was put to shame on last Sunday as they were cleared aside 4-1 by an impressive Tottenham at Wembley and two of their goals came due to faults of defenders which inevitably left them getting back home with zero points.

Jurgen Klopp’s side has been confronting extreme pressure this season as the Merseyside club have just won thrice in their last nine matches and as of now conceded 24 goals in all rivalries.

In his rule for around two years, Klopp has formed Liverpool into a best attacking group, but, has been reprimanded over his inability to take care of defensive issues.

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And in a recent interview, former Chelsea goalkeeper and right now Bournemouth’s main, Begovic proposed that the negative feedback is quite recently suitable and Klopp needs to take the blame on his head for this.

“I think for Liverpool it is a combination of things – communication, positioning and the desire to defend is lacking for Liverpool,” the goalkeeper said on Sky Sports’ The Debate show.

“They don’t look organised, they don’t look like they want to defend. I look at some of their players and the first thing is how good they can be on the ball, how they can pass and go forward and how the full backs can attack and join in. I don’t think their first thought is defending.

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“I think as a unit they look all over the place and there could be many reasons. Confidence once again is low and there are people making bad decisions so it seems to be a bit of a mess. They are not doing the basics of defending and I don\’t think they have the pride it takes to be a defender.

“I don’t think it’s one thing, I think it’s them as a unit. I don’t think they’re working together and there’s a lack of continuity with the centre-back pairings and the full-backs, I don’t think changing the goalkeepers is helping.”

Liverpool are currently at the ninth position in the league, twelve points behind league leaders Manchester City and three behind fourth-placed Chelsea and will face Huddersfield town next in this weekend.

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