Arsenal defender Sead Kolasinac talks about his childhood memories and icons, and blames Smartphones

Sead Kolasinac has represented Germany in the youth levels.


Arsenal defender Sead Kolasinac has settled quite well at Arsenal and already has become a fan favorite at the Emirates. The Bosnian joined Arsenal from Schalke this season and has so far been an integral part of the squad.

Solid at the back and a force while going forward, Kolasinac has often been praised for his power and agility. The former Schalke man scored on his debut in the Community Shield match against Chelsea and also netted for the Gunners in an Europa League match against Koln.

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Kolasinac joined Arsenal from German side Schalke

Speaking about his life, the Arsenal left back recently spoke to the Arsenal media andthere he said a lot about his childhood memories and idols.

“When I look back at my childhood, Carlos and Zidane are the two that really stayed in my head. You don’t have to say much about those two – everyone knows them and when I was a child they had a real influence on me,” Kolasinac said.
He also had tried to emulate Roberto Carlos’ free kick taking style but ended up learning the Zidane style.

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Sead in his Schalke days
Apart from that Sead said that during his childhood he played in the suburbs of Carlsruhe with his friends. They used to go to pitch after school and played late until their mothers would drag them into the house.
“It was a really nice time and with loads of people involved – in fact sometimes, seven or eight would have to wait outside because there were too many on the pitch. When I look back to my childhood, those evenings really stick in my head. Nowadays you drive past a football pitch and you barely see any kids playing,” he added.

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Kolasinac after his debut goal against Chelsea
The Arsenal man also says that smartphones and computers are the main reason why kids and teenagers are not going to the field. Instead of that they are playing online and seating on a sofa without any physical activity. Kolasinac was disappointed that things have changed so drastically in few years and considers himself lucky that he went outside to play football.