Arsenal duo hit back against Deeney’s ‘Cojones’ comments

Mesut Ozil scored and had an assist in his Man of the Match performance at Goodison.


Arsenal captain Per Mertesacker and Mesut Ozil spoke after their thumping win over Everton and they had such a little but some significant words to say regarding Deeney’s last week comments on Arsenal players.

Troy Deeney, the Watford striker spoke to a TV show that Arsenal lack ‘cojones’ after their win over Arsenal at the Vicarage Road.

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Deeney after his goal against Arsenal 

“I’ll have to watch what I say. It’s having a bit of cojones, a bit of nuts,” he said.

He added, “Whenever I play Arsenal, I’ll go up and think, ‘Let me whack the first one and see who wants it’. “I came on today (Saturday) and jumped with (Per) Mertesacker.”

Arsene Wenger spoke early last week that he doesn’t value Deeney’s comments and he wants to focus on their own thing. Also Wenger shrugged off the nuts comments and stamped that his team’s mentality and character can’t be questioned.

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Wenger condemned Deeney’s comments

The German duo was in the post match presentation interview and they also resonated the same, but in a more vivid way.

When Mertesacker was asked whether they had to prove anything to anyone, the former Germany international said, “No, we speak directly to each other at the training ground and analyse the situation. We don’t need any other people to analyse what we do. We dealt with the situation away from home magnificently.” That was a clear spat in Deeney’s face that the Gunners players were least concerned about his comments.

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Also Mesut Ozil said that the players showed character and they believed in themselves regarding winning the match against Everton. Also the former Real Madrid man was happy with the quality Arsenal put together throughout the game.

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Ozil was in hot form against Everton

Watford ironically lost their game last Saturday against Chelsea even after leading at a time, and Arsenal fans didn’t miss mocking Deeney for his past comments.