Brazil coach worry with midfield lapses, claims India has a bright future

Brazil will face Germany in a high Voltage match on Sunday and want to be perfect in all the aspects.


Brazil Under 17 head coach Carlos Amadeu has claimed that he is not totally happy with his boys’ performance ahead of their high voltage Quarter Final match against Germany on Sunday and insisted despite defeating Honduras 3-0 in their last match the team need to improve in the midfield where they made defensive lapses.

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Brazil have shown their mettle in the all the matches so far, winning all the games however against Honduras in the last quarter of the game, the team looked complacent somewhat and the head coach pointed out that he is not happy with the defensive vulnerability of the team however happy with team’s overall performance. But will only wish to be better in the next match against their big rival Germany on the international stage with whom the nation has always maintained an intense rivalry.

“All the players have their functions. The responsibility is mixed. Our midfield was not really good in their defensive system. We conceded many shots from long and medium distance. We could block the plays at the wings. They (Honduras) were very close to scoring. This is what we will have to improve for the next match,” Amadeu said.

“We had 20 minutes of good football against Honduras. After this we went a little bit slow and we conceded some counter attacks. At the end of the first half, we scored another goal and it give us some relaxing moments. We scored our third goal in the second half and then we got down again. Scoring three goals gave us some relaxing moments,” the coach added.

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“We had these moments of losing concentration, losing the focus. It is a challenge for us, for me and our technical staff to go through because it is little bit difficult for us.”

“I am proud of my players. They are playing with maturity and we have been working on this team since 2015. This is one of the secrets about this kind of goals (against Honduras). It is very good to hear of them after the match, going to the dressing room and saying another game without conceding any goal.”

Amadeu also talked about the possible future of Indian football as the host lost all the matches in the group stages and vowed out of the tournament scoring just one goal. However, the Selecao boss suggested to Deccan Chronicle in the interview that there are a huge amount of talent in India however they are yet to achieve professional guidance like other developed footballing nation and a lot have to be done to put India properly in football map.

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“My advice to India is to get close from countries like Brazil and bring professionals who can help them learn various things. Also, the Indian professionals have to travel around the world to grow up with the exchange of football culture.

“Players from India have the biotype to play football. They are fast and have a good technique. With massive work, in a country with this area and population, I’m sure that India could build a beautiful history in football,” the Brazil coach stated.