Arsenal defender Calum Chambers speaks about his footballing heroes

Chambers has been on Arsenal fringes in recent years but is rejuvenated as he signed a new deal.


Calum Chambers spoke to Arsenal a couple of days ago and revealed the footballers he idolized during his tender days. The Arsenal defender spoke about his childhood heroes and they are David Beckham and Ronaldinho.

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Calum joined Arsenal in 2014 from Southampton


Chambers was influenced by Beckham because he started his youth career as a right winger at Southampton, so he tried to emulate the attributes of the great England legend. He also said that he liked Beckham’s style and overall game play.

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Beckham is Chambers’ childhood hero


Chambers also said that he had a chance to meet Beckham once and it was amazing for him, “I had a chat with him which was pretty amazing to be honest. I was a bit starstruck and thinking of things to say. He’s a great guy and one of my sporting heroes growing up. It was amazing to see the impact and influence he’s had on people in and out of football.”


Another player he adored in his early years was Brazilian legend Ronaldinho. Calum says that he tried to pull off Ronaldinho’s skills at his backyard but couldn’t do so, but it was always fun.

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Incidentally, Calum still idolizes some of the legends of this modern era, or this decade rather. He is a huge admirer of Roger Federer and loves the Swiss tennis player’s attitude.

“He’s a legend. The way he plays, the dedication he puts in, he’s just amazing to watch,”he added.

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Federer’s dedication to game is something Chambers idolize
In the footballing world Chambers now is greatly influenced by Sergio Ramos. He likes Ramos’ aggression and tries to emulate those in his game. Also the leadership mentality is another thing that Chambers would like add to his own kitty.

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Chambers has had more of a peripheral role at Arsenal but recently signed a two year contract extension, which suggests that he has the potential according to Arsene Wenger. He is expected to feature in the Gunners away match in the Europa League against Red Star Belgrade on Thursday.